Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Those post-Jack Kennedy coups-d'etats in full.

Look at subsequent events this way:

President Lyndon Baines Johnson: Removed from office by the Vietnam War and spiralling domestic social unrest.

President Richard Milhous Nixon: Re-elected, then removed from office by Richard Helms and the CIA, actuated via Hunt, McCord, Sturgis, Bremer, Woodward, Ben Bradlee and Catherine Graham - the CIA's fingerprints are all over Watergate.

President Gerald Ford: Removed from office by pardoning Richard Nixon, Watergate hangover fatigue and (to some extent) Ronald Reagan's insurgent candidacy.

President Jimmy Carter: Removed from office by former DCI and Ambassador to Iran Richard Helms (who learned the Shah of Iran had terminal cancer and no heir in 1975), former DCI George HW Bush, the 400+ CIA agents fired by Carter and Stansfield Turner and the "Agents for Bush" campaign group chaired by William Colby, liasing with Iranian radicals loyal to Khomani, who arranged and co-ordinated the hostage crisis from Washington. And Ted Kennedy.

President Ronald Reagan: Took a back seat in policy matters behind closed doors following his attempted (terminal) removal from office by the son of a major Texas fundraiser, business associate and member of the social circle of VP George HW Bush. Bush took a lead role on the (highly unconstitutional) Vice-Presidential Inter-governmental Task Forces on every key policy area from covert actions, illegal off-the-books wars, trading with the enemy to domestic law enforcement and social policy.

President George HW Bush: Removed from office by spoiler candidate H.Ross Perrot who ran because of personal fury and disgust at Bush/Reagan Administration conduct relating to Iran Contra-related covert operations and executive actions; somehow managed to avoid being assassinated... Presumably the new reigime at the Agency approved of this development or he had blackmail dirt on them. Nevertheless, an FBI-originating harrassment/blackmail intimidation campaign against Perrot conducted by Iran Contra and Lockerbie Bureau button-man Buck Revell succeeds in temporary knocking Perrot out of the campaign for a number of months via a dirty tricks gambit involving falsified pornographic photos of Perrot's daughter.

President Bill Clinton: Numerous military executions of key Clinton associates and close friends in bizarre accidents and suicides, often clustered together prior to mid-term and presidential elections. Clinton lawyer Vince Foster dead in seemingly faked suicide whilst working on legal briefs for Hillary relating to Whitewater, turns up dead with an unidentified blonde female hair on the corpse. Generally attributed to Hillary, the reality is that after Foster left the White House around 1pm, he went over to the Pentagon and was served lunch by a Miss Linda Tripp, who was the last person to see him alive. Who is a blonde. Bush era appointees and holdovers in the judiciary and federal agencies (most notably the ATF and the FBI) and 5th choice Attorney General Janet Reno between them manage to make Clinton look genocidal and totallitarian as all hell at Waco, Oklahoma City, Columbine and the 1993 WTC Bombing when Federal gun control laws pass along with resubmitted Republican-authored anti-terror laws they were unable to get passed in the 80s. Continual and repeated attempts to get an impeachment investigation going falter due to incontravertable links back to Iran-Contra via Mena in his Gubernatorial term in Arkansas, which cannot be raised for obvious reasons. Eventually impeached for lying in a video deposition for a nussance civil lawsuit that was thrown out of court by the judge before ever coming to court.

President George W. Bush: Loser of both the popular vote and the electoral college in the 2000 election, but awarded the Presidency in a 5-4 Supreme Court Ruling adjudicated overwhelmingly by Bush, Reagan and Nixon nominees. No serious attempts at removal from office. Clearly, everyone able to do so was perfectly happy to see him remain where he was for the duration.

President Barack Obama: See above, entries for Jimmy Cater and Bill Clinton. It's an election year, Hillary's friends are being assassinated and they are having a go at the embassies again.

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