Thursday, 26 September 2019

The Most Dangerous Breed of Creatures in The Universe

“My 5-Year Old, the other day, one of her toys broke
and she demanded  that I break one of her sister's toys, too – to make it fair....

and I did....

That's How Much Shit She Gave Me...!!
I broke the little toy, and I felt awful, and I'm, like, cryin', and I look over to her, and she's got this creepy smile on her face –
That's The Difference Between Boys and Girls –
and it Becomes 
The Difference Between Men and Women, 

Because, a Man will, like,
Steal Your Car
Burn Your House Down
Beat The Shit Outta Ya –

But a Woman will Ruin Your Fucking Life...

D'ya See The Difference...?

Because a Man will Cut Your Arm Off 
(Maybe, because he can.)
Throw it in a River
(Perhaps. I don't know...).

But he'll leave You, as a Human Being, intact –
He won't fuck with Who You Are

Women are Non-Violent, but They will shit inside of Your Heart....

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