Saturday, 21 September 2019

Marginalised and Disadvantaged

In rural Britain today, studies show that young people feel more marginalised than ever.

To explore this problem, the BBC spent six months filming with some young people in a typical Cotswald village.

Martin Mucklowe's a Bastard

He was a liar, he was a cheat, he was a thief, 
he was selfish, he was a backstabber –
He had no morals, he broke every code The Satans' Fingers swore by –

And you do know, he was responsible for Pull-My-Finger committing suicide, you do know that, don't you?

Derek Spralls was his birth-name – Poor Sod....
He was born with the worst case of cleft pallet I've ever seen.... 
A face even a Mother couldn't love.
A face so twisted, it looked like two hands wringing out a damp cloth.

So, they sold him.

To some Romany Gypsies.
For a rusty Ford Prefect, and as much lucky heather as they could fit in the boot.

He worked the carnivals.

Arms like tree-trunks from spinning the waltzer carts 15 hours a day.

That's where he met Sue – local farmer's girl....
Girl so big, she had to have a whole cart just to herself.

But Der didn't mind about that.
He loved her, y'see.

But Martin, being Martin, couldn't stand to see Derek happy.

So one Summer Solstice, we're down at Stonehenge, watching The Sun go down, we hear these grunts from behind The Stones –
And we all go over to investigate,
And there's Martin and Sue, and they....

Well, you can probably guess what they were up to  –

Martin was stuffing her.
He was stuffin' her so hard from behind, 
with no care, no love or nutthin' – 

It was just a Cold-Hearted Stuffin'.

And all the time, he's grinning at Derek –
as if to say :

' Whatever You Love, Derek –
I Will Take it From You –
and Shag it.'

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