Monday, 24 June 2013

Hastings: We Now Have Means, Motive and Opportunity

You can see what made Broadwell so psychotically jealous.

She's clearly totally into him, big time.

Ah - now, this is VERY interesting.... He was researching Jilly Kelley.

And as I have been pointing out since Petreaus' failed October Surprise coup at Benghazi, Jilly Kelley doesn't exist.

Or at least she didn't prior to around April of 2012.

She was a journalist and a "socialite" no one has ever heard of.

Because she's undercover FBI - she's part of the anti-coup and sedition task force of the FBI that Obama ordered Robert Meuller to put in place to police the CIA, Pentagon brass and the disloyal, right-wing elements within the intelligence community in the wake of the Abumutalleb debacle over Flight 258, Christmas 2009.

Obama has known for certain there is an active, ongoing effort to detablise and overthrow his administration via domestic covert operations and cannily opted to capitalize on the well-known inter-agency rivalries to play them off against one another - this may explain why in the last few years, the power and abuses of power at the Bureau as opposed to CIA have been once again in the ascendant as they were in the early 1990s and much of Clintons two terms.

Which means the FBI probably offed Hastings on Meuller's say-so.

They have gone notably and openly homicidally fascist of late, even to the extent of turning on their own.

Or engaging in the kinds of behavior that we know (thanks to FOIA) that Eric Holder has in the past tactlessly referred to in DoJ emails as:


That's a fairly obscure and meandering reference, but if it leaves you somewhat cold, trust when I tell you - it's dark, let's say that.
When appearing before a judge, is seems that there are Trentadus and 

Long story, and rather sad.

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