Friday, 9 May 2014

The Sphere

The Kaa'ba sphere is intentionally representative of the base or root chakra, the seat of all generative and nuptive energies in the human perineum, also appearing in such a form in the Qabalah, balancing against the two great pillars guarding the entrance to the Temple of Solomon - so, then, these two pillars, or two towers, also appear in Mecca, aligned one on either side of the Kaa'ba, along a precise North-South meridian bisecting the magnetic North and South poles of the Earth.

Super-producer Quincy Jones (the grey eminence behind the career of Michael Jackson) is a known high level Freemason and reputed Satanist and paedophile, who married Nastasja Kinski; he is a senior member of the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations and produced and choreographed not just Bill Clinton's first inaugural ball, but the Washington DC millennium gala. He is implicated directly in the murders of both Tupac Shakkur (who was dating his daughter when killed), and Biggie Smalls (who was assassinated whilst leaving Quincy's Grammy Afterparty in LA.

It's therefore MASSIVELY significant that we note in the choreographed WTC ritual he produced around the sphere for The Wiz - the adepts and pilgrims to the Emerald City, undergoing the Haj to visit the Wizard, who circle the Kaa'ba stone in the centre of the Austin Tobin Memorial Plaza.... They are circling the sacred stone in the OPPOSITE direction to the Haji in Mecca... The induction process is 180* REVERSED....

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