Friday, 9 May 2014

People Power Colonialism : Hands Off Nigeria!

This is ridiculous.

There are 211 of them.

He is selling them in the local market for £7 each.

The Nigerian government is offering a reward of £300,00.

Buy them back.

Get off your arses, go up country and buy your children back...!

What are the so-called parents doing?

Making signs and demanding that the US invade their country.

Buy them back.

Gold + Oil + The most institutionally corrupt government on Earth.

This has nothing to do with missing girls.

Remember KONY 2012...?

This is a CIA People Power Revolution.

This is an entirely synthetic creation. It's just not true.

And any idiot can see that. Allow me to show you....

Tehran, 2006:

Hong Kong, 2013:

Nigeria, Yesterday:

Notice anything?

What language do they speak in:

A) Iran
B) China
C) Nigeria...?

I'll answer my own question:

A) Farsi
B) Cantonese
C) Yoruba.

This is how this works: You get some young people, who don't know anything - callow youth.

You give them some flags.

You give them some signs (in English)

You give them some drugs/money/whistles.

And they will gather in the capital main square and oppose the government.

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