Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Sex as Entertainment

“You know, I’ve thought for a while that we’re living in the delusional fantasy of a naive thirteen year old girl. 

That basically sums up our culture.” 

— Peterson

I have successfully penetrated the next chamber of the alien's Interior, and I am witnessing some sort of dimensional image which I believe to be a representation of V'Ger's home planet. I am passing through a connecting tunnel. Apparently a kind of plasma-energy conduit. Possibly a field coil for gigantic imaging systems. Curious. I am seeing images of planets, moons, stars, whole galaxies all stored in here, recorded. It could be a record of V'Ger's entire journey. But who, or what, are we dealing with? The Epsilon Nine station, stored here with every detail. 

Captain, I am now quite convinced that all of this is V'Ger. 
That we are inside a living machine. 

The sensor ...must contain some special meaning. 

I must try to mind-meld with it. 


[Enterprise sickbay]

Now scanning pons area. 
Spinal nerve fiber connection.

Indications of some neurological trauma. 

The power pouring through that mind-meld must have been staggering.

Jim, ...I should have known.
Were you right? 
About V'Ger?

A lifeform of its own, a conscious, living entity.

A living machine?

It considers the Enterprise a living machine. 
That's why the probe refers it as an entity.

I saw V'Ger's planet, a planet populated by living machines. 
Unbelievable technology. 
V'Ger has knowledge that spans this universe. 

And, yet with all this pure logic, ...V'Ger is barren, cold, no mystery, no beauty. I should have known.

Known? Known what? 
...Spock, what should you have known?

This simple feeling ...is beyond V'Ger's comprehension. 
No meaning, ...no hope, ...and, Jim, no answers. 

It's asking questions. 
‘Is this ...all I am? 
Is there nothing more?'

Spock. ...Spock?

(as Spock turns Kirk and McCoy see that he is crying)

Not for us?

No, Captain, not for us, ...for V'Ger. ...I weep for V'Ger, as I would for a brother. 
As I was when I came aboard, so is V'Ger now, empty, incomplete, ...searching. 
Logic and knowledge are not enough.

Spock, are you saying that you've found, what you needed, but V'Ger hasn't?

What would V'Ger need to fulfil itself?

Each of us, at some time in our life, turns to someone, a father, a brother, a god and asks 
‘Why am I here?' 
'What was I meant to be?' 
V'Ger hopes to touch its Creator to find its answers.

'Is this all that I am?
 Is there nothing more?'

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