Tuesday, 18 April 2017

And Then....

Iam The Anti-Christ.

Iam an Anar-kist.

Iam in a World of Shit. 

Jesus says do not change Jewish law. 
Paul says we do not have to obey those laws. 
The first Christians thought that Paul was the Anti-Christ. 
He did not know Jesus and was not with Jesus and his claims in biblical times were not accepted by Jews or Christians.

"You see, you don't know how much people need God. 

You don't know how happy He can make them. 

He can make them happy to do anything. 
Make them happy to die, and they'll die, all for the sake of Christ. 

Jesus Christ. 
Jesus of Nazareth. 
The Son of God. 
The Messiah. 

Not you. Not for your sake. 

You know, I'm glad I met you. 

Because now I can forget all about you. 

My Jesus is much more important and much more powerful."

Now, by Saint Paul, this news is bad indeed.
O, he hath kept an evil diet long,
And overmuch consumed his royal person:
'Tis very grievous to be thought upon.

What, is he in his bed?


Stay, you that bear the corpse, and set it down.

What black magician conjures up this fiend,
To stop devoted charitable deeds?

Villains, set down the corse; or, by Saint Paul,
I'll make a corpse of him that disobeys.

My lord, stand back, and let the coffin pass.

Unmanner'd dog! stand thou, when I command:
Advance thy halbert higher than my breast,
Or, by Saint Paul, I'll strike thee to my foot,
And spurn upon thee, beggar, for thy boldness.


They do me wrong, and I will not endure it:
Who are they that complain unto the king,
That I, forsooth, am stern, and love them not?
By holy Paul, they love his grace but lightly
That fill his ears with such dissentious rumours.
Because I cannot flatter and speak fair,
Smile in men's faces, smooth, deceive and cog,
Duck with French nods and apish courtesy,
I must be held a rancorous enemy.
Cannot a plain man live and think no harm,
But thus his simple truth must be abused
By silken, sly, insinuating Jacks?


If I thou protector of this damned strumpet--
Tellest thou me of 'ifs'? Thou art a traitor:
Off with his head! Now, by Saint Paul I swear,
I will not dine until I see the same.
Lovel and Ratcliff, look that it be done:
The rest, that love me, rise and follow me.


Enter a Scrivener, with a paper in his hand
This is the indictment of the good Lord Hastings;
Which in a set hand fairly is engross'd,
That it may be this day read over in Paul's.
And mark how well the sequel hangs together:
Eleven hours I spent to write it over,
For yesternight by Catesby was it brought me;
The precedent was full as long a-doing:
And yet within these five hours lived Lord Hastings,
Untainted, unexamined, free, at liberty
Here's a good world the while! Why who's so gross,
That seeth not this palpable device?
Yet who's so blind, but says he sees it not?
Bad is the world; and all will come to nought,

When such bad dealings must be seen in thought.


By the apostle Paul, shadows to-night
Have struck more terror to the soul of Richard
Than can the substance of ten thousand soldiers
Armed in proof, and led by shallow Richmond.
It is not yet near day. Come, go with me;
Under our tents I'll play the eaves-dropper,

To see if any mean to shrink from me.

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