Monday, 15 June 2015

John Judge on Racism

John Judge: I'm real sorry that Dr. Nathan Hare wasn't able to be here with us. He was to have been another panelist. And I do recommend that people try to get in touch with his work. He was recommended to me as a speaker when I first started trying to form this panel from Washington, and work on the panelists, by Samuel Yette. I don't know if you know that name, but he wrote a very interesting book back in the '70s called The Choice: The Question of Black Survival in America. Dr. Hare's specialty is reproductive control and racism, especially in terms of the Black community, the Black family, but also in general, and internationally. And the main issues we've touched on through the questions here, and what's been said so far, I think he has very specific knowledge. Among his recent works are Bringing the Black Boy to Manhood, and Endangering the Black Family. He and his wife are working on a new book, he told me, called The Crisis in Black Sexual Politics. So those are some works of Nathan Hare I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to hear him.

Racism, like any other ism, is first a set of beliefs. Racism asserts that a group, within the human community, can be distinguished, and isolated out, on the basis of skin color, and deemed inferior. And because of this assumption of, and ability to assert, inferiority, then other assertions follow. The right to exploit labor. The right to deny privileges. The right to deny full social participation. The right to disenfranchise from social opportunities, or even survival. The right to exploit and control sexuality and birth. And the right to do violence and murder.

This is not so much a question of personal beliefs, at this point in this society, as it is an ingrained social system. The privilege of White skin is established in all areas of life. Ann Braden in a recent article defined racism as "a society run by Whites, for Whites, in the American context." This is prejudice plus power. Racism is the dominant culture, and this privilege is the equivalent of violence.

I am a racist. I am raised in a racist culture. I think that most White people refuse to deal with their racism, feeling that it's enough for them to claim that they are not personally racist. But this position takes no responsibility for changing the culture or the institutions that perpetuate the racism, institutionalize it. It does nothing to end privilege. Participating day in and day out in our lives, in that privilege is racist, unless we act to end it.

I am also anti-racist. No easy task. To become anti-racist we must be aware of our own racism and contradictions. Hard work. And subtle. But we also must act to change that system of racist privilege. That starts in the home, in our personal life, in our neighborhood, but it has to go further. It has to include; our families, the organizations that we are part of, the work places where we are, the churches that we belong to, the politics and priorities that we have.

And I think we have to take responsibility to challenge that racism with other Whites. That's not the responsibility of the victims alone, to end their oppression. This is not a Black problem, or a Native American problem, or an Asian problem. I think that those being oppressed are in the best position to define their oppression, but that doesn't make them experts in some sense that they are the only ones who can, or need, to talk about racism. Whites need to talk about racism now, and stop playing dumb, and stop playing helpless. One poll I remember, of people living in Baltimore, revealed that 100% of the Whites there claimed that they were not racist but all their neighbors were. [laughter] That's the kind of denial that serves to perpetuate privilege.

The effects of that racism are deadly. Institutionalized racism becomes more apparent every day. The gains that were made by the Civil Rights movements in the 50s and 60s are being eroded. There's a constant pressure of racism in every aspect of the society that's leading, in it's result, if not it's intent, to genocide. If you consider the separate, supposed, problems I'm about to talk about, as a whole, I think you can see that: tremendous cuts in social services; the primary effect of the militarization and the wars that we've talked about; drugs, and deaths related to drugs and drug murders; military service itself, sort of paid suicidal duty; war death and maiming from that; also unemployment, and suicide itself; unsafe jobs; non-union shops; constantly low pay; poor health care; pregnancy problems and a high infant mortality rate; crime and prisons; prison life and prison death, the violence in those societies turned inward as an encouragement by the system; ongoing attacks by the police; KKK attacks and the growth of KKK and the right wing in this period, open racism; the rapes, the lynchings that continue right to this day; the murders, the cases going on in New York and in Atlanta; the disproportionate amount of Blacks that are affected by AIDS and other diseases, and the same for other People of Color; who gets health care or support; who has survival privilege; the population control policies, and where the information and the things are focused; like the zero growth movement that talks about not having to bother organizing Whites because they have a lower per capita birth rate, they have less babies, so to really make the population problem (as it's called) end, you have to go after other people's birth rates; the youth who, under the age of 18, in Black and other non-White communities, have probably the largest percent of unemployment and suicide rates; the destruction of the family itself, and the cohesiveness of any community structure from all these effects; the targeting of Black leadership and other leadership in the communities and political organization, and the threats to that leadership; and then the secret plans that exist for round-up of these populations into camps, and the concurrent genocide.

I think it's important to note that the two people who devised the massive round-up plans for Central American refugees here, in case of a US intervention into Central America, were Oliver North in the Pentagon, and a Mr. Louis Guiffreda from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Guiffreda himself had earlier drafted a plan for Black Americans at the Army War College, in 1970. And his assistant in the FEMA Mobilization Planning Office has currently gotten a job as the Director of the Selective Service System. All draft and intervention planning at this point, is based on massive mobilization scenarios, worked out, in part, by Oliver North himself, like this "Rex 84" round-up plan, to take hundreds of thousands of Central American refugees into concentration centers here in the United States.

But this is really older plans that go back in our history. We didn't have to wait for Nazi Germany to find out what a concentration camp was. We didn't have to wait for them to find out what genocide was. We had functioned by it. The technology changed, but not the purpose. And I think there have been some critical things that have happened, that point the way to how this particular horror is carrying itself out.

One of those is the COINTELPRO and CHAOS programs from the 60s, that targeted Black leadership, and wanted to get rid of what they called "Black messiahs." Or any chance for people of color to have leadership in their own communities that could go some place. And these weren't just idle plans. They were plans that were talked about and worked out at a very detailed level. The recent murders there in Atlanta, the children. And all the ridiculousness of taking this guy Wayne Williams, and even the parents knew that the murders continued after he was arrested. And hints about whether they were doing experimentation on the bodies. And information that KKK families had been involved in at least some of them. But way too many murders to be explained by one person. And an ongoing number of them.

And, I think another thing we haven't looked at closely enough, is the situation in Cameroon, where all this gas supposedly came up off of a lake. It was waiting, somehow, in a bubble at the bottom of the lake, you know, against the laws of physics, for it's chance to come up. With poison gas. First they said volcanic gas. Then they admitted no volcano. Now the world scientific community meets by the hundreds, and they can't figure out what happened there. Supposedly this gas came up off of a lake naturally. People in the area heard explosions. And the gas came up and just kills everybody, literally, for a ten mile area, or radius around the area. It's just tremendous. Everybody's dead. It's not gas, like raises with the wind, or pockets some place else, or goes here, you know like gas will. And it's a gas that's not lethal by itself, carbon dioxide, unless you're in a situation where you can't get any oxygen. And yet they say that this gas came out and murdered all these people.

But I was suspicious from the beginning of it because it looked like yet another mass death situation involving People of Color. I looked into it a little further and the investigators were the same old crew that I always see: the Center for Disease Control went, with the US Army Pathology Division. They're over there in these planes; some doctors from Israel went, and they got on the plane with Peres before the incident was known to the government in Cameroon. If you take a look at the timing, they got on to go over there to look into an incident that, at least by all official accounts, the government didn't know anything of. They leave Thursday night, and Friday morning they get the report.

And, although they were coming there (Peres and the others from Israel) to reestablish diplomatic relations that had been broken off for two years, the situation in secret was that the Cameroon military was being trained by the Israeli troops.

And, what Mae Brussell suggests is that they tested a neutron bomb. One of the reasons Vannunu was put in prison, for speaking out about the nuclear capability in Israel, was that he mentioned the neutron capability. And he's been hushed up. He's in jail, no one can get to him, there's no public recourse. Because he spoke out about what was happening there.

Not to say they developed it on their own. Probably given it by US for that testing. But in any case it was those Israeli-trained troops that then went up into the area and got there first, and did what? They did a mass burial of all the bodies, with no autopsies. Also reminiscent of earlier situations. No one is allowed back in that area to this day by the government.

There were people living up there. It's right on the border of Chad. It would not surprise me if a major development corporation goes in there fairly soon, and that there's something there. But they felt they couldn't manipulate that indigenous population to labor to get out of there, and so they just wiped them out. So they think either you control them or you move them . . . relocate them like what Richard is talking about . . . or you kill them. That's the scenario when they're ready to go for broke. And so it's an expendable population. They were outside the government control, they were living some distance off from communications. A lot of them lived communally. They had a little different society than what was down in the cities and the concentrated populations. I think they were just a group that they felt they couldn't control and so a good target population to do this. Whether it was a chemical or biological weapon, or in fact, a neutron bomb, is hard to say without the evidence. But it wasn't what the government says it is.

The same situation with all those deaths in Bhopol. With the "accidental" spill of the gas there. I mean, how much is accident, and how much is to try to see both what will kill people and secondly what will our response be? Will our continued response to mass murders of People of Color around the world be silence? Be indifference? Be not taking the time to try to even find out what happened? Or will it instead be, a response that we would have, had that been a population that we belonged to? It's the difference between Jackson State and Kent State. I mean, it's whether or not we're a human community, and whether or not all of our lives matter. This system doesn't want us to think so. This decision with Goetz, for instance, is I think, an almost open season ruling. The guy on the New York subway that was supposedly approached by these kids, and got scared, and pulls out a gun and instead of just threatening them, starts to shoot them down. And is applauded openly by the racists and the right wing. Or the violence at Howard Beach. Or against this young woman now, up in New York.

These round-up lists that they have date back into the 50s. The McCarren Act, during the McCarthy period, allowed formally, for Federal institutions, prisons and other Japanese relocation camps from WWII. It's interesting also, I mentioned to Richard yesterday, that they guy who directed one of the worst concentration camps for the Japanese, was rewarded by being given the job as the Director of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, afterwards. See, because the pattern follows. And it's not just one group. These are techniques that you can figure out how they work.

But I've talked to GI's who've seen the round-up plans down to the neighborhood level. The isolation of people in certain parts of the community without access to the interstate highways. How certain things like gas, electricity or water can be cut off. And that's thought through on a military level. And people are forced economically and otherwise into these areas that are easy to control, easy to surround. Once we go into a martial law situation, the interstate highways become military controlled roads, with no civilian access. They will be guarded.

At the time of Kent State, I talked to Guardsmen who were setting up the water and the gas and the food, for these prison centers. And were ready to round-up, had people instead of being scared by Kent State, and backing off, had students gone into the street (we were in the middle of a nationwide strike on the campuses against Cambodian involvement) had they reacted the other way and gotten angry, the Government was ready to round them up. With the National Guard. And they had eighteen camps open. They have thirty six camps, constantly maintained now that we know about. Those things exist.

It's not impossible for them, by manipulating weather, by manipulating heat from outer space, to create droughts or famine in certain areas. And quite often those areas, after the people move out or die, are then developed. And miraculously recover. The water table comes back up. You know, and then they're a profit to the system. To the corporations and to the system that wanted to move them out.

I think another recent example that we should have had more reaction to, was the Move situation in Philadelphia. And now yet another "explosive device" has been used in Maryland. In October, in a Black community there. You remember "explosive device"? That's a police name for a police bomb. You know, a bomb dropped on a house, and a whole neighborhood burned down. People repeatedly asked the firemen to turn on the hoses, and they refused. And the only excuse given, "Oh," they said, "The people in the Move house would shoot at them, if they went out there and ran the hoses." I mean, these weren't things that you just have to stand there and hold the hose 15 feet from the house. It's all the way across the street. But they wanted the area to burn down.

And I looked into the background of the police that did it, and they were the same police that attacked the other Move house and razed it to the ground in l978. The old Rizzo cop team. They just waited until they got Green, the Mayor, out of town for a little bit, and then they went in. They went for broke.

And it was a military operation. I talked to people who knew that they were testing the helicopter and dropping the bomb on a little house down at the Army bases in New Jersey. Till they got it perfected, so they could drop it right in. Also, the Move attack represents, clearly, the militarization of police. You remember when they shot Mark Clark and Fred Hampton, one of the ways we found out what happened was that people went in the house and they put these ballistic rods through the rooms, and they figured out that 400 police bullets went in and 2 bullets went out. OK? Well, after the Move shootout, within 48 hours, a special police demolition team . . . have you ever heard of one of them? Do you have one out here in San Francisco? A police demolition team razed the house to the ground. So that there was no evidence to work with. Now that's Fascism. I mean, attack is one thing. But the Fascism is where all the evidence is destroyed.

At Jackson State, after they calmed down and stopped shooting for a few minutes, the next thing they did was to start to remove all the wall panels where there were bullet holes. All over the buildings. And the outside walls. So that they couldn't find any evidence. And everybody was picking up shells. The only way they finally got any evidence in, was that a State Trooper got mad, and didn't want the State Troopers to be blamed for all of it, so he gave them some shells, he gave the investigators some shells from the local police. So that they wouldn't get blamed. Otherwise they had all been picked up and the incident had been denied. So what, you got 6 people shot?

And, because we don't look, and because we're silent, I think that they they feel they can go on with this. These experiments we talked about, the syphilis experiments? They also tested lactose gas, because they know that a number of Black people have trouble digesting dairy products. And so they wanted to find out: what are they reacting to? can we gasify it? and can we concentrate it enough to make it lethal? And then, in their dream world, they're going to kill only Blacks. But they don't understand, that they can't get these things to kill just one group of people; and that the groups of people just aren't that different. They'd like to believe that they're that different. They'd like to believe that there's some sort of pure White genetic strain in the United States. But, the reality is, that the people just aren't that different.

They studied blood types, from the 50s on, extensive studies, of blood types. They tried to determine, ethnic differences, genetic differences in blood. So I think it's very interesting that AIDS, somehow, is a blood disease. Because this is exactly the area they looked at for racially and ethnically-oriented chemical/biological warfare.

Now they want to do some kind of early detection of sickle cell babies and abort them, once they find them. Well, sickle cell isn't always fatal. The abortion will be.

So it's not by choice except by choice of the state which babies they want born and which ones not. Which was eventually the point they came to between the wars. They had mass sterilization in Nazi Germany, but it started here in Indiana in l926. And it spread to over 30 states. So it was automatic that people with certain mental illnesses, and so-called retardation, which is often just the racist effects of the IQ test, and the tracking in the schools, that gets you into this retarded category. But those people aren't going to be allowed to have babies, because they have to "protect the gene pool."

We talked a little bit before about Grenada. Grenada's a pretty telling example (Nicaragua's yet another one, El Salvador too) of the fact that they don't want indigenous communities to have control over their own lives, over their own resources, over their own politics.

That's all they mean when they talk about "Democracy" and "Communism." Those words don't mean anything to this system. "Democracy" means we can control them, "Communism" means we can't. [laughter] That's what they mean. When the people come up to you and they say, "We want democracy and blah blah blah," they mean, "We want to be able to go in with the corporations, exploit the labor, steal the resources. Anybody against that, then that's what Communism is." That's all we're talking about. They have you believing it's some kind of great difference in systems.

Well, it is a great difference when people control their own lives; when people take back the power to make decisions about what happens to them. It's a revolutionary difference. They want us to believe that those societies where people try to do that are "Communist," and they do their damnedest to isolate them economically and break their back, and they then say, "See, it doesn't work," to you. But the reality is, that even if what's being adopted on the face of it is these societies "calling" themselves "Communist," it doesn't matter. It's not the rhetoric that matters, it's the control level that matters. Who is in charge? That's what you have to look at.

But in the Grenada thing, their going after this New Jewel movement, in the independent Black community there, and trying to crush it because they don't want it to be an example in Caribbean region. Then they set up this phoney Organization of Eastern Caribbean States under a Kissinger protege, who had headed up NATO and the Allied Intelligence in Europe, and he worked in there, and he comes in, and then we claim that we were invited by six Caribbean countries to go in and invade another Caribbean country. I mean it would be like if six of you wanted to go out back right now and beat the shit out of somebody. And you invited me along, and when the police came, I said, "I was just invited by the other six." [laughter] "You got no charge against me." What does it mean to be invited by countries to invade other countries? Some kind of neutral position?.

This little country, they're no threat to anybody. They're putting in an airport so they can deliver their spice, and we're supposed to believe, like, the minute there's an airport anywhere within an thousand miles south of us, the Soviet Union has already taken us over. So it's only purpose could have been to land big Soviet military planes, and what? Launch the invasion of the United States from Grenada? I mean, how many Soviets could fit there? [laughter] Maybe enough to take over Newark. The joke on the East coast was, "Why didn't Reagan invade Rhode Island?" It's too big! [loud laughter and applause]

But on the field, they tried to use their best Black troops, the 101st and 82nd Airborne. The traditional front line troops. But these are predominantly Black units.

Audience Member: Why?

John Judge: Why are they predominantly Black? There's a series of reasons for that. There's a predominance, first, of Blacks who go into the military in the first place, under economic impressment in the poverty draft. There's a large number of People of Color, Hispanics and Blacks, disproportionate to their general representation in the population. Secondly, there's a concentration of those people just by the tests that they do in the military are racist. They have these skills tests, called ASVAB and they route all the Black and Third World people into the dead end jobs and a lot of them into infantry. But also, I think there's a cultural matter that, within the Black community, with the few outlets that there are for somebody to sort of make something of themselves, or come to manhood, prove themselves, the military has, since the integration in WWII, been a way, for certain Blacks, to get a certain amount of prestige for themselves, to prove themselves, you know, as people, as men or women, to show that they could do something. It's a chance sometimes for somebody to advance, not many but a certain percentage do well, or at least become NCO's in the military, and can make a career out of it. And it used to be, it's much worse now, but it used to be a way to get housing afterwards, like the GI Bills, get education thought a lot of that's been stripped, away now. So there were those reasons, and the idea of sort of, the proving the manhood, I think is a piece of it, of like, being the toughest of the troops. And being the ones who can go out there. But, they knew, since Vietnam, that it was also those troops, Black and Third World troops, who were the ones that led the struggle in the field, to stop the war. Because they were the quickest to get the point, that they were going out killing people on behalf of a country, that wasn't treating them much better than the people they were attacking. And they could see that those people were living in about the same relation, with some economic differences, you know, but about the same relation they were living back home. So why go fight this war against those People of Color, on behalf of a society that wasn't going do deal with them when they came back, anyway, and never had.

The very first march against Vietnam came out of Harlem. Down into New York, and the signs were: No Vietnamese Ever Called Me Nigger. [Applause] That was the organizing point. And that slogan, you remember, "Hell no, we won't go," that was SNCC, the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee. That was their organizing slogan. All the first Vietnam stuff came out of the Black community, and they know that. And they were afraid of it because it was effective in the field. And the Blacks could organize much quicker than Whites. Whites have to build a coffee house, and have a newspaper for ten months. Over night, the Blacks could see what's coming down, and this happened, and bam! you've got an organized thing. Because they're a little more used to getting messed with so they have a little more natural response to understanding the oppression.

And then there were very bad racial situations everywhere that the Blacks were, and still, in the military, and Klan organizing and all that stuff. In any case, they were afraid, since Vietnam, and they still are, of how these troops were going to perform. And they were very wary of Grenada, because here they were sending Black troops into an English-speaking Black country, that they would refuse. And they did, they refused. We helped Corporal Al Griffin, who said "I'm not going to shoot Blacks in Grenada, I'm not going to shoot Moslems in Lebanon." He wouldn't go either place, and he was a model Marine, he'd been in the White House. And they court marshaled him. We helped to try to get him legal defense. And we talked to a lot of AWOL's coming back. And many of those units refused to fight there.

One of the things that happened out of that, is that part of the 101st, which was, again, a largely Black unit, was moved out of the situation in Lebanon. Eventually some of the ones that went to Grenada then went overseas there (they were sending the units both ways) and they flew out of there in this plane. Aero Air, was the company. It was a commercial carrier, and the plane was no good. It was bottoming out every time it tried to take off, and it did that twice, and then it crashed in Newfoundland. And you had this, about 180, if my memory's right on the figure, predominantly Black, 140? [in response to a correction offered by a member of the audience] anyway, it was a lot of people died in this crash, I don't remember the exact number, but it was quite a few, and predominantly Black troops.

At the same time, I was reading Army Times, and right after Grenada, all of the planning for the Rapid Deployment Force, (which was this idea of, taking a force, like quick as they could, somewhere in the world.) they dropped the 82nd and 101st from all the future planning for the RDF. And they went to the White division concept, and they made up these new ten thousand person divisions. In the interim they were going to use the 191st out of Dyess Air Force Base, which is a 90% White unit. And then, when I looked at the pictures of the new guys coming out of Campbell to fill up the 101st, they were almost all White, in the training units. So they wanted to change the race composition after Grenada

John Judge on Jonestown 


"The situation that I found when I looked into Jonestown, is the last thing that I just want to touch on, and one of the worst. Jones grew up in Southern Indiana, in a Klan family. His father was KKK. He grew up in a racist environment. He was not an anti-racist. He was a phoney bible-thumper preacher, fake healer, from the time he was fairly young. And he was friends, back there in Indiana, for a long time, family friends and otherwise, with an older kid, who eventually moved into a position in the police department in Indianapolis when Jones went up and did his tent healing shows in Indianapolis. And in the Sheriff's office this guy was there, his friend. And usually, you do those tent healings, and you start ripping people off, and you can get chased out of town by the law, pretty quick. But he had police cover. I think from his friend. And his friend's name was Dan Mitrione. 

Now Dan Mitrione went on to the International Police Academy, and then he was moved to Brazil to work with USAID funding, to do torture training, taking the old Nazi torture methods from WWII, and training the secret police in Central America. And one of the first places he did that was down in Brazil. And he was out of Minas Gerais, and it was during those years that a Green Beret, part of the Operation Phoenix program, and the killing in Vietnam, the genocide there, named Charles Beekman, came into Jones' temple, and his wife, back there in Indiana, and Jones suddenly had this idea that he ought to go to Brazil. And he took his family, and Beekman, and went down to Brazil, and he lived in a house down there, and the neighbors said that the cars that would come and drive him around and deliver his groceries, were from the US embassy. While he lived in Brazil. And he told the neighbors that he was working for Naval Intelligence, while he was down there. And his son, in one interview I found, said that he spent a lot of time going out to Minas Gerais and visiting with Mitrione at the CIA headquarters out there. 

Then he suddenly had a hundred thousand dollars and he came back to the United States. He told his followers that he had slept with the Ambassador's wife, and she had paid him that much for the sex. [laughter] So, I mean, you can make what you want of that story. But he came back, and he moved out to Ukiah, California, and he set up this Happy Havens Rest Home, and he didn't have a license, he didn't have a medical degree. But suddenly he got 150 children as wards of the court. He got elderly out of the homes. He got psychiatric inmates out of the institutions. He got people coming in there out of all different institutional settings. They were handed over into his care. 

I have pictures of the place: it has barbed wire, it had an electric fence, it has armed guards in black boots and black uniforms guarding the perimeters. These people were taken in there, to so-called Happy Havens Rest Home, and they began the pressure and experimentation there. 

It was during that period that the top lieutenants moved in: the Layton family, and the Blakeys eventually were to come, and Terry Buford. Now, these people were not people off the street, who just wandered in, messed up, looking for some kind of a religious ecstasy. 

Larry Layton is from an aristocratic family. His father, who was a professor, out in Pennsylvania, in the 50s, although he claimed to be a Quaker, he was appointed Head of all chemical and biological warfare research, for l956 up into the mid-60s, at Dugway Proving Grounds, in Utah. Which was also one of the places that all this radiation was blowing across, and Larry Layton's mother died of cancer, I believe from that radiation, years later, down in Jonestown. His mother, was from Germany. Her initial claim when she came and met him, was that she was a Methodist. She always told the children she was a Methodist, and then they became Quakers. But after Jonestown, she told the children a completely different story, and said that she had been a Jewish girl who had run from the Nazis, but that she didn't want to bring that up to the children. In hiding her Jewishness and hiding her escape from the Nazis. And that her parents had been on a train on the way to a death camp, but they had gotten ill on the train, so the train stopped and they were taken off, and saved by other people. [laughter] 

Now these are the stories that she was telling in the New York Times. I mean, huh!?! 

Her father, Hugo Phillips, was a stockbroker for Interessen Gemeinschaft Farben, IG Farben, the huge Nazi dye and drug cartel, that brought Hitler to power. 

Terry Buford's father was the head of Naval Intelligence at the fleet in Philadelphia, for many, many years. 

Blakey, married into the family. Debbie Layton married George Blakey when the family sent her to be educated at an upper class school in England. His parents are major investors and stockholders in Solvay Drugs which is the largest pharmaceutical subsidiary of Interessen Gemeinschaft Farben, IG Farben. 

So they came from Nazi money. They came from aristocratic wealth. They weren't from nowhere. 

Timothy Stone and his wife Grace: He was from the Justice Department. He was well placed here in San Francisco. And while Jones was in Ukiah, his best friend was Walter Headley, the head of the John Birch Society there. And he was using people in his encampment to write letters in favor of Nixon going into office, and had been right wing all along. 

Suddenly, when it was time to bring him into San Francisco, he changed the tune, and came in here as a liberal. In a political vacuum, and used the techniques that he had studied under Father Divine, a Black charismatic religious leader in Philadelphia (the techniques that I just mean in terms of the recruiting and the preaching) in order to bring people into the church here and make it seem as though it were progressive or liberal. To compromise the liberal community here, who would support him. 

But still, the vast majority of people coming to him were not, again, converts, but people who he got because Mayor Moscone put him in charge of the Housing Authority and appointed many of his people into jobs in the Welfare rolls. And it was off of those rolls, of the indigenous Black community, that they made up the bulk of the People's Temple. 

When he began to be exposed here, he took those people and put them in buses, he stuffed the children into the luggage racks, underneath. He drove all the way to Florida, he got on Pan Am planes, and there's a whole other history of who Pan Am is (but it's the same money and the same people that are involved in these other assassinations and things) and the Pan Am plane landed in Guyana. And I talked to the air traffic controller there, who was present at the time, and he told me every Black that came off the plane was bound and gagged. He told me that people who lived as close as 5 miles away, and I've gotten this from other sources, in the bush, did not know that there was a single Black living at Matthew's Ridge in Guyana. All they had ever seen were the Whites. Because the Whites were the only ones allowed in and out of the camp, allowed to have money; allowed to carry a gun; allowed to go into the city. 

In the city they were paying off Black and Indian women to sell their babies. Which they were taking back to the camp. And all of these people were being experimented on by Dr. Lawrence Schacht, the camp doctor, and a crew of about 40 nurses. For a population of about 1200 people, 40 nurses. And he was infamous for participating in the torture, for doing suturing without anesthetic. I believe that he is none other than the grandson of Hjalmar Schacht, the Reichminister of Economics, who moved to Houston Texas where Larry Schacht's family is from, at the end of the war. And it was Hjalmar Schacht who invented the slogan, over the gate at Auschwitz: Arbeit Macht Frei, "Work will make you free." That's the family that I think Schacht is from, and carrying on the tradition. 

The people there knew that this was a slave labor camp, a concentration camp. They were drugged day in and day out. There were enough drugs found on site, after the massacre, to drug the entire population of Georgetown, Guyana, a city of over l00000 people, for more than a year. Being used on a population of 1200 people. In one foot locker alone, there were ll,000 doses of Thorazine. The other drugs that were named on the site were the exact drugs that I have been following all through my research of CIA MK/ULTRA and MK/DELTA and MK/NAOMI. They were the mind control drugs. 

They had the drugs, they worked them 16-18 hours a day, they fed them poorly, they disoriented them, they kept them up all night yelling at them with lectures, lack of sleep, classic conditioning techniques. 

They also abused them physically: they had sensory deprivation cells, live burials, wells for the children, electric prods to torture them with, public rape, sexual humiliation in public, and any combination of techniques they could think of. 

They kept extensive notes. All those notes disappeared. I believe Schacht disappeared. His name wasn't in the first list of the dead; it only showed up later in the second list. 

There were, by all accounts, 1100-1200 people there. Original press report: 400 dead, 700 flee into the woods. Evaluation of the number of people there: 800 adults with passports, 300 children. These add to 1100. How many dead in the final count? 915 How many official survivors returned to the United States? 16. Where are the rest? Who were they? 

They were the trained guards. The sadistic torturers. The programmed killers. The ones who came to Port Kaituma and were described as acting mechanically, moving without emotion in their face, picking certain people to kill, not bothering with others; zombies was the word used to describe them. Programmed killers. Mind controlled killers. 

Phillip Blakey was putting them on boats and shipping them to Angola, for use by Joseph Savimibi in the CIA-controlled UNITA forces, as mercenaries. Afterwards, they moved to the Honduran camps of the Contras, and for mercenary work in Central America. 

The main leadership (Blakey, Stephen Jones, the son of Jim Jones, the people that were at the top, the White lieutenants), went to Trinidad briefly, stopped off in Panama and drained a Swiss bank account under the name Associacion Religioso do San Pedro, the Religious Association of Saint Peter, which I believe was one of the Vatican money front companies for Roberto Calvi, in the Panama shell companies. In a bank account there, under that name, took 5,000,000 dollars out of it, and went where? Where did they set up shop? 

Grenada. Who did they work with? Dr. Peter Borne and Sir Jeffrey Borne, the two MK/ULTRA experts from the Vietnam period. Who tested methadone in Vietnam. Who worked at the Yerkes Primate Research Center on monkeys. Who know the drugs and the techniques. Dr. Peter Borne was responsible for setting up the the methadone programs in the Black communities all over the United States. He finally got chased out of the Carter White House, briefly, because of a drug scandal. 

They were the ones that set up the medical school. They were the ones that set up the hospitals there. And the mental hospital, which was the only building bombed in Grenada. And I have the Air Force magazine reports bragging about the accuracy. It wasn't a mistake. It was the only building bombed. They even talked about pumping 40,000,000 dollars back in there to build a new one. 

And what happened to the bodies? Mass burial. Within 48 hours. No autopsies. That was the continuation of Jonestown, up in that area. 

When Dr. Mootoo came on site and found the bodies, he found 408, the vast majority, 80-90%, with a fresh needle mark on the back of their arms, without a single sign of cyanide pathology, with no hint of suicide, in neat rows, face down, calm and dead. The remainder he found were either strangled or shot. 

Over the next 5-6 days, the count went up, until it reached 915. In order to explain it ending up with 915, the Army said the Guyanese couldn't count. They said there were bodies on top of bodies. They said that families fell in piles together. Their final explanation, all those failing, was that they had forgotten to go to the back of the pavilion for 6 days, and they found 500 bodies there. 

The reason the body count went up, is that 700 did flee into the woods, but they were surrounded. They were surrounded by British Black Watch troops, the equivalent of our Green Berets, on maneuvers at Matthew's Ridge those days. They were surrounded by about 200 American Green Berets, who were not doing the body clean up, but creating the bodies. And they were surrounded by Guyanese troops, about 350 strong, that had been trained under the auspices of Dan Mitrione. 

They were murdered. They were dragged back to the camp. You can see the drag marks. You can see the shot marks on the bodies. And then they were left to rot. They were stripped of all medical tags (you can see them in the early photos because they were under experimentation) under the orders of who? Robert Pastor; taking his orders from Alexander Haig; taking his orders from Zbigniew Brzezinski in the Carter administration. 

Stripped the bodies of all identification. Even the little tags that Dr. Mootoo put on, with the help of Odell Rhodes were taken off, and then let them rot for 6 days in the sun. They claimed you can't bring more than 43 bodies back in these huge C-5 Starlifters. They dragged them off to the other end of the country to a military mortuary. 

They got an open letter, from the American College of Medical Examiners to the US Army, criticizing them because they could have done fluid autopsy on the site. Dr. Mootoo asked for help. The US Pathology Institute people, and the CDC people arrived without any autopsy equipment, or chemicals. To the mass "suicide site" of Jonestown. 

They didn't want an autopsy done. They didn't want us to know what drugs were in the bodies. They didn't want us to identify who they were and who they weren't. They wanted them dead and finished with. They murdered all of them. They came on television and told us the racist lie that Black parents squirted poison in their kids' mouths. And instead of rising up and saying, "What the hell happened there?" for the most part, we were silent. 

But we can turn these things around, if we will look at them. If we'll just use simple arithmetic, would tell you, that if you start with 408 bodies, and end up with 915, the 408 have a lot of covering to do, don't they? Especially if a third of them are children. 

These things are obvious if you will look. If you will just have the idea in your mind, that this government is killing people. It's doing genocide right now. It's doing it with your tax money. And in your name. And if you don't understand how the Germans could have let that happen, go home and think about it. "

[stunned silence followed by loud applause]  


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