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Donna Rice

             Gary Hart, George Bush, and Michael Williams 
 Lean forward in your chairs a little more. Get a little closer to the

monitor. You need to read every word of this, and slowly. 

 Senator Gary Hart, the man the overwhelming majority of Americans wanted

to be their President in 1988, was eliminated from the U.S. Presidential

race he was expected to win with the biggest landslide in American


His elimination from the race was engineered by vice president

(and former C.I.A. Director) George Bush, whose father, Senator Prescott

Bush, personally financed the political career of Adolf Hitler. 

 Bush employed the use of the C.I.A. and other less official criminal

organisations to accomplish his goal of eliminating Hart from the race

after I refused to sabotage the Hart campaign and set Hart up for a

false arrest. The key C.I.A. operative in the scheme to eliminate Hart

from the race was international prostitute, Donna Rice. 
 After Bush and his band of scary men succeeded in eliminating Hart from

the race, I convinced him to re-enter it, something no one had ever done

before. I formed the "Draft Hart Committee", resurrected his campaign,

and managed it, until he was once again eliminated from the race by Bush

and his C.I.A. co-conspirators. 
 As my "reward" for my work with the Man Who Would Be President, the

fascist criminal tyrant, George Bush, had the F.B.I. arrest me (without

any warrant or indictment), torture me for two years, break up my

family, arrange for the kidnap of my two small daughters, seize

virtually all of my significant assets and property, and, after several

assassination attempts failed (as had the attempted Bush-ordered C.I.A.

assassination of Senators Gary Hart and William Cohen when they flew to

Nicaragua on an Iran-Contra fact-finding mission) exile me to

Switzerland, where I have remained ever since, unable to safely return

to America, the land of my birth. 
 The story has never been told. Not one American publisher has the

courage to publish it.

It is fashionable in the United States to be a coward today. 
In the past

nine years, I have been unable to find an attorney willing to properly

represent me in my single-handed fight against the F.B.I. and U.S.

government, which continues to this day, lasting longer than World War

 So, as it stands, the American people did not get the President they

wanted. Instead of President Hart, they got President Bush, who, along

with Richard M. Nixon and Lyndon B. Johnson led the conspiracy to

assassinate President John F. Kennedy on 22. November 1963 and the coup

d'etat it began. Each of the three men then took turns playing "El

Presidente" ... each of them were nothing more than four-year dictators. 
 For my role in defending America's liberty and right to vote, I lost

everything I had. The story ... has never been told. Just like the story

of the JFK assassination. 
You can visit my web site at: 
 There, you will find enough information about what George Bush and the

fascist U.S. government did to me and my family to ruin your dinner.

Eight days ago, when George Bush visited his numbered bank accounts here

in Berne, one of the highest-ranking officers of the United States

government threatened my life in person. As a matter of fact, I am

risking my life by writing this. 
Even though very few, if any of you,

give a damn about what happened to me last Wednesday, or that fateful

day of 18 March 1988, when jack-booted thugs with badges broke into my

peaceful Rocky Mountain home, I am here to tell you about it, because,

as Americans, all of you who sit there on your sofas with your cans of

beer and bags of potato chips, doing nothing while your country sinks

even farther down the tubes, into a fascist police state, the likes of

which the world has never known ... you are all, each and every one of

you, equally as responsible for my pain and for the pain of your fellow

patriotic countrymen as George Bush and his gang of liars, traitors and

Little by little, the truth is trickling out. As I risk my life today, I

now give to you the opportunity to read an article put out by another

group of brave people. You lost your chance for President Hart to save

your nation. Now, read for yourself how the fascist criminal tyrant drug

dealer, George Herbert Walker Bush, who introduced heroin and other

hard drugs to the children of America, prevented you from voting for the

only man who loved his country enough to save it from what it has now

 Michael Williams

Patriot in Exile

 The following is brought to you thanks, in part, to the kind 

assistance of CyberNews and the fine folks at Cornell University. 
 Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 8  Num. 19

                    ("Quid coniuratio est?")




 Following the  recent  much-cheered  ruling  by  3 federal judges

which, for the moment anyway,  has  over-ruled  the  Clinton  law

against  "indecency"  on  the  Internet,  I noticed a woman named

Donna Rice Hughes appearing on the  TV networks.  She was said to

be with a group called "Enough is Enough", said to  be  organized

to  protect  children  against  pornographers  supposedly lurking

everywhere in cyberspace. 


Donna Rice Hughes. 
 Take away  the  "Hughes" and what do you get?

You  get  "Donna  Rice",  nemesis  to   1988   Democratic   Party

presidential  candidate  Gary  Hart.   You may remember how Hart,

looking  strong  as   the   potential   candidate,  was  sunk  by

allegations of his shocking (as in "I am shocked...   *shocked*")

affair with "party girl" Donna Rice. 
 Seems pretty tame, compared

with Lothario Bill Clinton's escapades, but for "some reason" the

mainstream  press  really  sat up and took notice, playing up the

affair for the couch potatoes in TV land.
 So *if* this is the same Donna  Rice, one wonders if she has "got

religion"  or  if  the CIA has merely given her a new assignment:

working to shut down freedom of  speech under the guise of saving

our  children  from  pornography.   (You  remember  "saving   our

children",  don't  you?  Like with President Nixon in 1969 saying

he wants to "save our children" from drugs?) 
Reading in the recent book by  Dr.  Roger  Morris,  *Partners  in

Power*,  one  finds  further background on former candidate Hart.

On March 27, 1987, Billy Clinton is sucking up to Hollywood types

on the west coast.   At  an  exclusive dinner, King Clinton dines

with, among others, Don Henley, formerly of the Eagles rock band.

Close friend to Henley is Donna Rice, who is at about  that  time

boarding a yacht called the *Monkey Business*. 
Young  Senator  Hart  had  been  on  the  Church  committee which

investigated the CIA  and  its  ties  to  organized crime.  After

that, he was  on  the  Senate  Intelligence  Oversight  Committee

where,  says  Morris, he continued a relentless effort to uncover

CIA hanky-panky.  Hart strongly opposed the Nicaraguan Contra war

and was skeptical of the official  "Oswald did it" version of the

JFK assassination. 
 Mobster Santos Trafficante is alleged to have

stated, regarding Hart:  "We need to get rid  of  the  son  of  a

 Hart seems to have been  set  up, says Morris, and gives evidence

to back up the claim.  Readers  of  Conspiracy  Nation  are  most

likely  well-aware  as  to  how  CIA/Mafia have often used "party

girls" to compromise  and/or  ruin  politicians. 
 Was Donna Rice

just a "party girl", or was she more than  that? 
 And  just  who

*is*  this  person  called "Donna Rice Hughes" of an organization

called "Enough is Enough"? 
 Did "somebody" get a promotion? 

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