Friday, 14 September 2018

Ideas Cultivate Human Beings

 " Fincher used to toss around the, you know, sort of The Buddhist Thing that :-

You've Gotta Kill Your Parents,
and then

You've Gotta Kill Your God,

and then

You've Gotta Kill Your Teacher
[ If you can...]

I think  Tyler helps Jack reject the Value System of His Parents, and then, at the end, he has to reject Tyler, if Tyler's his Teacher, he has to sort of pull back - 

And y'know, Tyler helps him through the initial steps towards Enlightenment -

But in The End / By The End, he has to pull away from Tyler, even, to define himself as separate from Tyler.... "

- Ed Norton,
Fight Club DVD Commentary Track,

That's Not The Case, at all...

Palinhuk reiterated and really drummed ths point Home in particular over the 10-Issue run of Fight Club 2,
 15 years on :

Ideas are Real,
We are Not.

He is NOT Seperate from Tyler -
He isn't Real -
He Doesn't Exist -


Tyler Durden DOES Exist...

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