Sunday, 21 October 2018

The Mark of KanYe

Textbook Joseph Campbell.

The way Campbell explained it, 
Young Men need a Secondary Father to finish raising them.

Beyond their Biological Father, they need a surrogate, traditionally a
or a

or a 
military officer.

The floatsam and jetsam of a generation washed up on the beach of last resort.

That's why street gangs are so appealing. 
They send you men out, like 
Knights on Quests 
 to hone their skills and improve themselves.

And all the TRADITIONAL Mentors -- forget it.

Men are presumptive predators. 
They're leaving Teaching in droves.

Religious Leaders are pariahs.

Sports Coaches are stigmatized as odds-on pedophiles

Even The Military is sketchy with sexual goings-on.

A Generation of Apprentices 
Without Masters.

KanYe West speaks Perfect English.

Barak Obama speaks Perfect English.

Tupac Shukkur was an Eloquent Muthaf**ka.

This Horse Cannot Be Ridden.

The Boy Cannot Be Trained.

He is Too Old —

and he's GodDamned Fool.

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