Sunday, 7 October 2018


The Romance of Dueling (1868)

Waterloo Duels :

When the British Army occupied The South of France,especailly in Bordeaux, French officers came over the garron, for the sole purpose of insulting and fighting The English, who were, in many instances, absurd enough to meet their wishes.

As The Challenge usually came from The English, The French has the choice of weapons and invariably selected their favourite, the small-sword.

Strange to say, the result was usually in favour of our countrymen, who being utterly helpless at carte  and tersse, and all the nicities of The Science just rushed-on in defiance of guards and passes and spitted their enemy at once.

In vain, The French protested that this was brutal, unchivalrous and a crying outrage against the rules of fencing. Stalwart Englishmen stood by their friend and produced loaded pistols, threatening to shoot anyone who attempted to intervene.

This system gradually produced a more wholesome sense of feeling.

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