Saturday, 29 September 2018


No Sympathy for The Devil —
Keep That in Mind

Buy The Ticket
Take The Ride

Lucifer :

 "Doesn't quite make sense, 
Doesn't quite make sense." 

Of course it doesn't make sense, it's not real. 


Oh, Sherlock. 



Sherlock :
No. No, not you. 
It can't be you. 

Lucifer :
I mean, come on, be serious. 
The costumes, the gong? 
Speaking as a criminal mastermind, we don't really have gongs or special outfits. 

Sherlock :
What the hell is going on? 

Lucifer :
 Is this silly enough for you yet? 
Gothic enough? 
Mad enough, even for you? 

It doesn't make sense, Sherlock, 
because it's not real. 
None of it. 

Watson :
What's he talking about? 

Lucifer :
This is all in your mind. 

John :

Watson :

John :
You're dreaming...

I don't believe that God made Man in his image. 

'Cause most of the shit that happens comes from man. 

No, I think man was made in the Devil's image. 
And Women were created out of God. 

'Cause after all, Women can have babies, which is kind of like creating. 

And which also accounts for the fact that women are so attracted to men... 'cause let's face it... the Devil is a hell of a lot more interesting! 

Believe me, I've slept with some Saints in my day, I know what I'm talking about. 

So the whole point in life is for men and women to get married... so that God and the Devil can get together and work it out. 

Not that we have to get married. 

God forbid.

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