Friday, 12 January 2018

The Fool's Leap

"As card Zero The Fool lies at the beginning of the Major Arcana, but also somewhat apart from it. Along with unlimited potential this card also stands for the fact that in any moment anything goes, she brings to mind the spontaneity inherent in every moment. She represents the fact that by living in the moment, with nothing expected and nothing planned, you will begin to feel uninhibited and carefree. In this she symbolises a complete faith that the universe is worthy of trust, that it is ok to let go of your fears, for if you trust in the flow of life then you will be protected and loved. This brings us to another aspect of The Fool, that of new beginnings or a change in direction. She will often come up when the querent is about to enter a new phase of their life, starting something new, or going on an adventure."

  • Don't think, feel! 
  • It is like a finger pointing away to The Moon ! 
  • Don't concentrate on The Finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory. 

Do you understand?

Not-Knowing can be a great boon.

Hence The Fool's Leap; Percival was the only of the Grail Knights able to come into the presence of The Grail - why?

He was too stupid/simple to know to look for it - he just wanted to give a drink of water to a dying man; 

"I only saw that you were thirsty".

Percival was able to find The Grail because he didn't want it.

His desire was to express compassion and ease suffering, which is a pure desire. 

Because he just wanted to give a drink to a dying man, the cup he picked up in the castle just happened to be The Grail and The King was miraculously healed - nobody who was looking for it in the castle could see it. 

Precisely because he WASN'T looking for it, he immediately picked it up straight away.

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