Tuesday, 9 January 2018


Piney is going through his old Army gear, pulling out a folded flag and a gun. Buried at the bottom is a package. Piney opens it and pulls out another copy of John Teller’s manuscript. Piney holds it in his hand, clearly thinking, while Jax smokes out the front of a mausoleum labeled "Patmos", which is where John "the Revelator" (just like this episode's title) is alleged to have lived and where the Book of Revelations is alleged to have been written [in a Dream].

In this instance, John the Relevator could be John Teller, and his Book of Revelations could be seen as the The Life and Death of Sam Crow.

Jax wakes the next morning, having spent the night at the cemetery. Jax hands the blanket back to a homeless woman, and then goes and washes the blood off of his face. He walks to the funeral, and is handed his kutte by Tara. 

The two kiss as Gemma, Clay and Wendy look on. Jax places a flower on Donna’s coffin, then walks away, being watched by all members of SAMCRO. 

After the funeral, Piney finds him sitting on the grave of his brother Thomas. He hands him John’s manuscript, telling Jax it’s time for a change, then leaves. 

The episode ends with Clay and Gemma watching on as Jax stands at his father’s grave, manuscript in hand.

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