Friday, 12 January 2018

Get Behind Me, Satan

”Get Behind Me, Satan!"
- which really does Beg The Question :

Q : Who in their Right-Mind would turn their back on Satan...?!

A : Well - God, obviously. 

And Man (a man) is created in The Living Image of God - and I am a tender, compassionate and loving God (which in no-way makes of me a Fool - merely, Iam in my LEFT-Mind)

"So what are we gonna do?

If you want to change things, the first thing you have to change is yourself.

Because if you don’t change yourself, you will take on the world as if it is yourself – and fuck up. 

You will really fuck up, because you don’t understand your own dark side. 

If you don’t understand your own weird, shitty side.. if you don’t understand the fact that there’s someone in there who will kill your mother, if need be – if you can’t take that on; if you can’t take that on board and realise that Charles Manson and me and you are not much different; that John Wayne Gacy and me and you are not much different – except that he did it. 

Y’know, there’s those days when I’m gonna kill that motherfucker over there – but we don’t do it.

But it’s in us, and it’s there. 

And so much of this is denial. That we have no dark side. 

You know: the hippies, and those lovely people in the rave era who were all on ecstasy – they tried to pretend we have no dark side. 

And what happened was they got fucked up by their own dark side. 

As will ALWAYS happen.

So let’s kiss our Dark Sides; let’s f**k our Dark Sides. "

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