Wednesday, 5 November 2014

To Slip the Surly Bonds of Earth, And Touch the Face of God...

That's just the sort of post-industrialised, ultra-myopic, zero-growth, social Darwinist Fabian nihilistic, economically defeatist Dying Earth claptrap I'd expect from a Guardian columnist no-one's ever of.

Every person that spends a million quid or more developing a safe, reliable, reusable and mass-producible technology that will decouple the potential future capacity of mankind's experience from reference to the near-inexhaustible yet still finite resource pool of Terra, held in commons, is one less person wasting a million notes trying to help the last two Pandas left alive have a successful and memorable date.

And unlike the Panda People, a million quid invested in the Virgin Space taxi programme isn't even tax deductible as a write-off - they're not blowing a million pounds each on some vanity project lost cause, they are buying a service and a commitment in something greater than themselves that they want to help happen and be a part of.


Had you gone after Branson 30 years ago, for the balloons, you may have had a valid point.

But this is space, now.

There is no more NASA any more - it died under Sequester.

And no-one else is prepared to put up the money and take the risks - this is what Capitalism looks likes in all it's own favourite wet dreams, and this time, finally, it's real and someone's actually doing it right.

Bruce Wayne, MFers....

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