Saturday, 8 November 2014

More Memes of the 9/11 Myth

"The components of the mythological event have to be established in the psyche of the masses beforehand..." - Tarpley

By Barry Chamish :


      Operations as complicated and risky as the WTC/Pentagon attacks could not possibly have gone ahead without practise exercises. There are good reasons to suspect that Israel was chosen as the venue for at least two dry runs and that its government, under pressure, covered up both incidents. 

Consider two such exercises which preceded the Israeli events:

      Two years ago, an Egypt Air flight from New York crashed into the Atlantic when the co-pilot decided to commit suicide and take all passengers and crew down with him. Though the Egyptian government denied that any Muslim would ever commit suicide in this or any other fashion, the FAA insisted the black box recording proved that this was the case.

      The WTC/Pentagon bombers' Egyptian connection has been established. 

How the co-pilot was inducted into the terror syndicate and brainwashed to die in a plane crash on command has yet to be. Whatever the mind control techniques that were used on him, they were the products of Western technology.

      After the Egypt Air crash, the plotters knew that pilots could be brainwashed into turning their planes into potent bombs. But could the crew be overcome with just small knives?

      That was tested last Spring when a Russian passenger plane was hijacked to India. The hijackers were Chechnyan nationalists who overcame three stewardesses and stunned the passengers into inaction with the same type of knives used to the same effect in America. Lest there be any doubt that this was also a dry run, see who agrees that Chechnya was a training ground for the suspected terrorists of the WTC/Pentagon:

MOSCOW (AP) A senior aide to President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that some of the perpetrators of terror attacks on the United States had trained in the breakaway republic of Chechnya.

''At least four of the suicide perpetrators of the terror attacks on the United States passed through Chechnya,'' said Sergei Yastrzhembsky, an aide to Putin and Russia's chief spokesman on Chechnya.

''The people who sent suicide attackers against New York and Washington conducted dress rehearsals for terror attacks in Chechnya,'' Yastrzhembsky told a news conference, according to the Interfax news agency.

      A few months later, it was Israel's turn. 

A Jerusalem wedding hall, The Versailles, collapsed vertically killing 26 and wounding over 300. The 
venue had been under repair at the time and most of the workers at the site were Arab. 

One such laborer was interviewed by Israel television on the night of the disaster and blatantly lied about the type of work that was taking place in the building.

      One could easily dismiss the possibility that the Versailles was victimized by terror except for one fact: after examining the ruins for just a few days, the government refused to investigate any further. 

Despite the fact that this was Israel's worst building disaster ever and despite the pleas of the survivors and the families of the dead, the government could not be moved. 

Instead, it opened a general commission of inquiry into national building codes and practices. 

Within days of the building's collapse, the remains of the Versailles were hauled away in a blatant act of evidence destruction.

Surgical, not Structural Collapse
The (Eight Storeies Deep) Cookie-cutter Crater of WT6,
also known as the US Customs House Vault.

Simply put, 

Why wouldn't the government investigate the tragedy? 
Why was the blame put on a flooring system that never collapsed before? 
Why have no indictments come down four months after the atrocity? 
What is the government hiding and who ordered the coverup?

     The Versailles could have taught many lessons: how to drop a building straight down, how many casualties could be expected in such an operation, how to improve the percentage of dead, how quickly people could be evacuated, how rescue teams would react etc. The Israeli government's refusal to investigate the incident only fuels such, for now, speculation. 

However, if I was an American, I would be even more fearful of the significance of the next act of infamy.

     Just as Israelis were recovering from the shock of the Versailles, a third of their drinking water was poisoned. Over two million people in the Tel Aviv and central region of the country had water running through their pipes, heavily tainted with, they were told, ammonia. It took 150 million cubic meters of water, or three times the amount Israel supplies annually to Jordan, to flush out the poison.

     The public was told that agricultural waste seeped into a valve at a pumping station in the Jezreel Valley, and then flowed 80 km. undetected. 

As absurd as the explanation was, no one bothered to explain a far more frightening event.

      On the day the poisoned water entered the system, a security guard at a Water Authority station near Lod was murdered. The murder was written off as just another terrorism incident. Now why would terrorists climb over a chain link fence, risk barbed wire and entrapment in the middle of the country far from the safety of the Palestinian Authority, to murder an armed guard? Maybe they were thieves, risking life and limb to steal some water? Or maybe we should ask what the guard saw or what he stumbled into.

      This dry run was a valuable lesson. The perpetrators learned how to poison the most people possible, how many of them would be affected, how quickly the water authorities would detect the poison, how the public would be informed and how fast the system could be flushed clean.

      It might be a good idea for Americans to stock up on clean water.


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