Wednesday, 11 September 2013

9/11 - The Frauduent Naudet Brothers "Documentary" - FDNY Complicity in 9/11

"I know it was you, Fredo - and it breaks my heart..."

"I wasn't their intention to make a documentary about 9/11...."

No. It really wasn't.

The Brothers Naudet are reputed assets of the Israeli Mossad.

Jules Naudet wasn't directing a movie - he was directing the rescue effort.

As first responders, 3-5 mins after the first planestrike, they set up the command centre in the lobby;

Any firefighters and rescue teams from out of the precinct rushing to help would arrive to find a command centre, and report to a man they didnt know wearing the uniform of a New York Fire Dept. Fire Chief, who tells them where to stand and what stairs to climb, and when to evacuate.

Watch very closely what stairs they climb, and when.

Some Things That Should Have Been in the Ground Zero Debris Pile 
(That Weren't):

7000 fixtures, fittinngs and urinals

75,000 phones (plus cabling)

3000 victims cellphones.

45,000 desks

45,000 chairs

245 acres of carpeting

40,000 file cabinets

40,000 cubicles

50,000 staplers

25 miles of wiring

300 mainframe computers

45,000 computer monitors

45,000 keyboards

45,000 mice

650 fire extinguishers

3000 copy machines

2000 water coolers

3000 printers

20,000 doors

40,000 doorknobs

450 refrigerators

5000 vending machines

3000 wallets and purses

3000 employee IDs

347 Fireman's coats

694 Fireman's boots

347 Firemen.

What was found in the Ground Zero debris pile




And Willie Rodruigez is a liar...

And they never finished building it prior to 1974 - they ran out of money and couldn't even fill one tower.

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