Monday, 8 July 2013

Moonwalking Over a Man's Grave

"Don't you remember what happened to Martin Luther King Jr.....?"

The American Martyr so nice, they killed him twice.

It's an American tradition to never tire or exhaust a Blood Libel once the accused becomes the deceased.

Indeed, that's the ideal time to take things up a notch and replace brute force character attacks with something altogether more sophisticated and insidious.

In American Society, this grand old tradition would seem to apply doubley so in the case of a so-called Negro as the mark.

In 2011, Black Historians, Negro Historians and distinguished research fellows of African American Studies

(All very different fields) 

Were collectively taken aback by the apparent revelations contained within three famously excised chapters pulled prior to publication from the iconic work "The Autobiography of Malcolm X, as related to Alex Haley" 

( isn't THAT just a title that grabs a certain old over you , when you consider it's deeper meaning),

purporting to contain reference to certain delicate issues relating to the later life of Brother Malcolm - chief among that that Malcolm had had a periodic fling with a white, male love behind Betty Shabbaz's back and some private correspondence that Malcolm wrote to the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, expressing his frustration and awareness of being unable or too time pressure to adequately satisfy Mrs Betty Shabbaz sexually.


Malcolm Shabbaz III just turned up dead under largely unexplained circumstances in Mexico just a few short week back., but that's a whole other story for a whole other time.

Instead just some quick observations not this other matter:

At this stage, I feel able to venture with absolute confidence into saying that this absolutely IS NOT TRUE. Rennie was a damn fool, but Nancy had her head screwed on right and MJ would have been like Polonium spiced with Red Kryptonite if this were even close to true....

The fact that the text of the article notes that Jackson died in 2009 "from an overdose" when there is an MD currently doing hard time for administering the fatal dose to MJ tells you all you need to know about the agenda at play here.

They still say that Martin Luther King spent his last hour on Earth beating a pair of prostitutes into a bloody mess in the Lorraine Motel and that Obama is HIV +. 

Together, Jesse Jackson's rumours and the FBI's cherry picked surveillance file can ruin an ordinary man absolutely and completely.

Jesse's just mean and spiteful in that way...


Oh, and by the way, as a matter of fact....

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