Friday, 26 July 2013

Ariel Castro

"...has pled guilty, accepting life without parole, plus an additional 1,000 years, as part of a plea deal."

Wow. That's a seriously shitty deal.

I wonder who he's protecting....?


What, really...?

Great! Publish it! Why not? I'm sure that wont prejudice his trial or anything...

That's just standard police crime scene operating procedure - hand key pieces of unvalidated incriminating documents and personal writings over to broadcast news for the suspect now in custody -! 

Sure ! Why not..?!

Err, no.....

Wait, what?! 

"All three women, who were allegedly kidnapped, held, beaten and raped by 52-year-old Ariel Castro in his house on Seymour Avenue, appear happy and healthy, "

Yes, very well-observed..  They do, rather, don't they...?

"The video was released at midnight by Hennes Paynter Communications, the PR firm hired by the victims' families."

At midnight....? That's some PR firm....

Nancy DeJesus...? Gimme a fuckin' break....

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