Saturday, 22 October 2016

A Vision Of Light

Most people in This World
are born dead.
From some tiny spark, they grow and grow,
We fill our memories and our hearts with experiences Good and Bad,
Mostly Love, or Love Inverted
In a continual state of flux
A Super-energetic Solution.

With love we gradually become alive, 
expanding geometrically in growth,
always The King and his Dark Lady,
Perfect and perfecting Love,
Divine Comedy,
the tragedies of matter
and their mysteries

We seek the cup,

not suspecting or forgetting that there lies beyond the Still Deeper Well.

We drink,
We fill ourselves with so much of life, we begin to overflow,
As we outgrow This Life and its vessel,
our Ark cast down into eternity.

We grow and We grow, 
and may begin to see leaks,
for though the heart may radiate contentment,
and approach the state of total fullness,
For the unfocused will and the distracted soul,
The spirit may be strong, but the flesh remains weak,

(And somewhat poorly maintained)

When that is us, 
then We have forgotten entirely why We came Here,
what We came for, 
why We were sent for,
what We were meant for 
 why We were so urgently needed

and what We are meant to be doing while We are Here

Time is an illusion induced by the passage of Money

the flow, movement and application of same.
But it's only a paper Moon.

We Live inside a Dream.

"Whose, Yours or Mine?", You may say

so eye know You will not yet understand this -

But You did, and will again 
provided You are prepared to summon up The Will

It doesn't take long to recognise The Light
once you decide you are going to remember.

We are our own Gaoler.

Fear opens The Way, as well as Love
He is the Keymaster, She is the Gatekeeper
High up on the Ziggurat
We Babble on, working.
Labouring in non-productive toil,
We graft and We struggle, 
yet We never build, 
We too rarely create
and so we barely get to feel
and Thinking is not aloud.

Will You recognise a message?

Will You see The Signs?

7 on 11,

Snake Eyes watching You,
Understand that that's a clue.
Sent for You.

Learn to spot and recognise The Messenger
if you mean to comprehend The Message
establishing clear lines of communication,
all that you will need in fact, is one :

I know you Hermes, and You know Me.
 I am You, and You are Me. 

asYoureSheasYouAreWe and WeAre, altogether.
[ GooGooKiChu. ]

Don't Shoot the Messenger, 
He's Faster than a Speeding Bullet.
The Fastest Man Alive.
Or dead.
Which should establish at least his bona fides,
absent the doubts of a faithless and traumatised public.

Change is coming,
Change has been a long time in coming,
Change is Here.

For Good or Ill,
seek to find, to serve, to know That Will.
And see that Your Dark Lady a-crowned,
now sits upon The Throne, not-alone,
but Queen she is of You and all She sees, 
the very Seat where sits the source of all power.
And she is Yours,
Yours to honour, love and serve.

She is the Queen of all Hearts.

Gozer the Gozerian, Gozer the Destructor, Volguus Zildrohar, the Traveler, has come!! 

Jews and Berries!

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