Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Hollywood Accredits the Memes : Götterdämmerung

Hollywood Acredits the Memes

The Double.

The Double.
(Gustav Weller)

The Double.
(Gustav Weller)

Hitler never went to Berlin.

Germany was not Berlin.

Berlin was not the Reich.

Hitler hated Berlin.

"Take the enemy's capital, was his aim here — a strategy eventually that Ulysses S. Grant is going to tear to shreds, and quickly realize, as he was realizing out in the West, that the Confederacy was its armies — not its capital, not a city here, a town there." 

- Professor David Blight, Yale

Hitler's personal Junkers Ju-290 landed at Barcelona on 16 April 1945, four days after the assassination of President Roosevelt by White Russian Fascist networks affiliated to Allen Dulles of the OSS Legation in Berne, who was in the final stages of negotiating the surrender of Nazi armies in Italy and the West.

From Shirer : 

" Hitler had left his headquarters in Rastenburg in East Prussia for the last time on the previous November 20, as the Russians approached, and had remained in Berlin, which he had scarcely seen since the beginning of the war in the East, until December 10, when he had gone to his Western  headquarters at Ziegenberg near Bad Nauheim to direct the great gamble in the Ardennes. After its failure he had returned  on January 16th to Berlin, where he was to remain until the end, directing his crumbling armies from the underground bunker fifty feet below the Chancellery, whose great marble halls were now in ruins from Allied bombing.

Physically he was fast deteriorating. A young Army captain who saw him for the first time in February later recalled his appearance.

The Double.

"His head was slightly wobbling. His left arm hung slackly and his
hand trembled a good deal. There was an indescribable flickering
glow in his eyes, creating a fearsome and wholly unnatural light.
His face and the parts around his eyes gave the impression of total
exhaustion. All his movements were those of a senile man. "

Since the July 20 attempt on his life he had grown distrustful of everyoneeven of his old party stalwarts. "I am lied to on all sides", he fumed to one of his women secretaries in March.

"I can rely on no one. They all betray me. The whole business makes me sick .  . If anything happens to me, Germany will be left without a leader. I have no successor, Hess is mad, Goering has lost the sympathy of the people, and Himmler would be rejected by the Party - besides, he [Himmler] is so completely inartistic . . Rack your brains and tell me who my successor is to be..."

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