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The Colour Revolution of 2015

"The hope was that Ron Paul could attract between 10% and 15% of Republican voters, thus making sure that these votes would be taken off the table and put into a deep freeze where they could never benefit a candidate with a serious chance of  winning

Ron Paul would lock up this 10% to 15% and essenially take it off the table.

Ron Paul proved able to fulfil this function."

He's the boyfriend of Princess Diana's sister.

Does he talk about the Royal murder plot?

No, he does not.

He's the former common-law brother-in-law of a Rothschild.

Does he talk about Zionism? Does he talk about British Israelism?

No, he does not.

He's the ex-husband of the Mind Control Pop Princess Queen of the World.

Does he talk about Project Monarch?

No, he does not.

He talks about what Hugo Boss did in the 1930s.

He talks about Transidental Meditation.

He talks about Global Warming. Which isn't happening.

He talks about the poor - he talks about poor whites, he talks about poor blacks.

Does he talk about Imperialism? Does he talk about Churchill?

No, he does not.

He serves the same function as Ron Paul - to take angry young people, pissed off at Capitalism and Imperialism, isolate them and make them politically impotent and cynical.

What you learn from him is "action is futile", "make no demands"and "do not join an organisation, because you will be co-opted".

It's a Rent-a-Mob or a Dupe-a-Mob

You get a bunch of young people, some people that know virtually nothing, and you give them some drugs, some flags - some money, possibly - and they will come into the main square and oppose...


No fewer than twenty debates among the Republican presidential candidates stretched across most of the year 2011. The one constant of all of these debates was that Ron Paul consistently ran interference for Romney.  The basis of Ron Paul's technique was to mn from an evaluation of who the most dangerous adversery for Romney was in a given situation.  A study by Think Progress showed that Ron Paul had attacked Bachman once,  Cain four times, Rick Perry four times, Gingrich  eight times, and Santorum 22 times.   

But Ron Paul had never but never assailed Romney.  

Not reflected in the study was the critical timing of Paul's attacks, which generally came at moments when Romney was already under fire, and his bitter rivals were trying to gang up on the Bishop to administer a knock-out blow. Because of the animus against Romney, there was often a grave risk that the entire Republican pack would join in tearing down the assumed front-runner

For example, in the October 18, 2011 GOP presidential debate, Rick Perry began criticizing Romney for his Massachusetts individual mandate health plan, which he referred to as "Romneycare." Ron
Paul immediately went into action, counterattacking the vexed governor : "First off, you know, the governor of Texas criticized the govenor of Massachusetts for Romneycare, but he wrote a really fancy letter supporting Hillarycare. So we probably ought to ask him about that."

When the actual voting began, Romney's more urgent need was for a wingman on his right flank.

Here, Romney had to make sure that reactionary candidates like Gingrich, Santorum, Bachmann, and Cain could never get more than 40% of the votes and become competitive with Romney.  The ideal choice was still Ron Paul. The hope was that Ron Paul could attract between 10% and 15% of Republican voters, thus making sure that these votes would be taken off the table and put into a deep freeze where they could never benefit a candidate with a serious chance of  winning

Ron Paul would lock up this 10% to 15% and essenially take it off the table.

Ron Paul proved able to fulfil  this function.  In the primaries and caucuses of the early states, Romney racked up slightly less than 41% of the votes.  Ron Paul provided decisive help by attracting a little
over 11% if Republicans. This configuration allowed Romney to win all but four of the contests between the Iowa caucus un January 3 and Washington State on March 3. Romney was significantly helped in the Iowa caucuses by hundreds of thousands of dollars of ads attacking Gingrich that were paid forby Ron Paul.


After the present writer exposed and denounced the Romney-Ron Paul alliance at the time of the Bilderberg meeting in Virginia, on June 8, 2012, Joel Skousen joined Stan Monteith in devoting an
entire radio program to attempt to discredit the present writer. In good JBS-Monnon tradition, they focused on the accusation of "socialism."

Romneys choice of Paul Ryan for Vice President therefore reflects and expresses the role of the John Birch Society in spreading the ideology of right-wing Mormonism far beyond the confines off the
Mormon confession.   In the Romney-Ryan ticket, we see a combination of Mormonisms reactionary mainstream, supplemented by its most robust ideological tentacle. This may explain why commentators repeatedly cited the excellent pelsona1 chemistry between Mitt and the young congressman. They End each other congenial because they both derive from the same ideological


The Republican presidential primary contest effectively ended on April  10 [2012],  when  the  clerical-authoritarian  candidate  Santorum announced that he was dropping out.  It was a case of Santorums
right-wing Jesuit networks being busted by a combination of Mormon and Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction freemasons in the form off the Romney and Ron Paul campaigns.  The futurologist Newt Gingrich had run only a token campaign after March 27, when he lost the Louisiana primary, but he too dropped out on May 2 after losing in Delaware.

The Romney forces therefore could have used May and June, the last two months of the Republican primary season, to begin projecting a positive image off their candidate, necessarily including some specific ideas about what a Romney presidency might do for the United States.  But Romneys handlers refused to use this opportunity. They were dominated by the obsessively held idea, repeated ad infinitum by media commentaries over many months, that the 2012 presidential election  will  be exclusively a  referendum on  Obama, with the popularity and policies of the Republican nominee playing no role whatsoever.

Because of this amateurish misconception, the Romney campaign stagnated in May, June, and July of 2012, when Romney backers had hoped to build up an insuperable lead over the feckless Obama.


Ty Romney is an attorney handling property and liability claims for State Farm Mutual in Great Falls, Montana and received his Bachelors of Arts Degree from the University of Utah and his Juris Doctorate Degree from Seattle University School of Law. He is an active member of the Idaho State Bar Association.

Ty said, “Ron Paul is honest. It’s time to take a stand for honesty. It doesn’t matter whether the truth is popular or not, I know that Ron Paul will always maintain a true principle and I endorse that degree of integrity.”

Travis Romney is a chiropractor based in Spokane, Washington, and will be speaking at the Greyhound Park caucus location in Kootenai County. With his dad a second cousin to Mitt Romney, Travis is a second cousin once removed.

“I support Ron Paul because he defends the Constitution, loves America and understands what it means to be an American, including the right to live your life any way you want as long as you respect others,” said Travis. He continued, “I love his foreign policy of maintaining peace and trade while making a strong national defense a top priority, and that you only go to war legally through a declaration by the people through their elected representatives.”

Also sharing common ancestry, Chad Romney resides in the Boise area and will be speaking at the Glenns Ferry caucus location in Elmore County.

Jared Romney, out of Salt Lake City, said his grandfather is a first cousin with former Michigan Governor George Romney, the father of Mitt Romney, and stated, “It really comes down to Ron Paul championing the ideas of the Constitution, in how he lives it, understanding we must return to and follow its guiding principles. He also understands we must reign in the Federal ReserveSystem which is destroying our economy.”

Troy Romney also lives in Salt Lake City and is a University of Utah student, and will be speaking at the Montpelier caucus location in Bear Lake County. Troy’s grandfather and George Romney are cousins as well. Troy said he supports Ron Paul because “he stands for the values and principles America was founded upon.”

These family member endorsements are preceded by an announcement of support for Ron Paul by Rick Santorum’s nephew, John Garver.

Concerning the active “Latter-day Saints for Ron Paul” coalition, this announcement follows the high-profile endorsements of Overstock.com President Jonathan Johnson, prominent author and chair of the Utah Tenth Amendment Center Connor Boyack, and that of Utah Republican Liberty Caucus Chair Darcy Van Orden.

All such announcements help present Ron Paul as the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney and demonstrate that no presidential candidate has a monopoly on this crucial western states voter segment or even, for that matter, the Romney family.

As a function of this announcement, the above-mentioned persons now are members of the “Latter-day Saints for Ron Paul” nationwide coalition.

Dr. Tarpley:  This is called hypocrisy; this is called double standards...

In terms of what to do… right now we have a very interesting possibility that’s opened up in the Congress. We have a Republican Congressman from North Carolina, Walter Jones – fairly obscure backbencher, very conservative, a right winger – but he’s done something useful, he has submitted a resolution to the House of Representatives, which formally warns Obama saying, if you start any other war…

Really he (Obama) escalated Pakistan into a completely new war and he’s also attacked Libya and he’s essentially running wild in the lakes district of Africa in the area around Uganda where we have so much attention…

But the resolution says, “Obama, if you insist on an attack, you will be impeached”. Now, obviously at this point, all eyes turn to Ron Paul the member of the House of Representatives – the only one who is running for president who could really put this resolution on the map since he gets to take part in the nationwide cable television and even broadcast television debates.
So what’s going on right now is a campaign on the internet to force Ron Paul to get over whatever problem he has and come out forcefully – not with a throw away line; not with lip service – but to make the purpose of his presidential campaign from now on to get this Walter Jones resolution passed and send it on to the Senate. But of course once it’s passed the House, that’s enough, because that’s where impeachment occurs.

Ron Paul up to now seems to be more interested in his dirty deal with Romney whereby Ron Paul would give his delegates to Romney and Rand Paul might become – the son of the current candidate and currently a Senator – might become vice president on a Romney ticket.

That’s not good enough. 

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