Saturday, 15 March 2014

Why Webster Tarpley Left the LaRouche Movement

Webster Tarpley to "N," December 2, 2009

"My association with organizations in which LaRouche was prominent ended in 1997. Since then I have been attacked in public by him and his remaining supporters several times. Since 1997, I have had no relation whatsoever to LaRouche.

Before 1997, I was President of the US Schiller Institute USA, and served on the EIR editorial board, and the US and European Executive Committees of the Labor Committee movement.

LaRouche was jailed in 1989 for tax evasion and related infractions, but more basically for political reasons. In order to get out of jail, he agreed to operate as an asset of the US intelligence community. This led to the ouster of several leaders like myself who would not accept that capitulation. Since 1994-5, his political and economic analysis has become increasingly erratic and confused, always stressing that nothing can be done for world economic development without US leadership and control - an absurdity. He did not oppose Obama's election, but then discovered that Obama was the new Hitler. He virtually predicted the end of the world for last October 12, and it did not ensue. LaRouche is now 87 years old and needs to retire, but insists on maintaining a personality cult. HIs group has lost much of its membership and is of marginal importance within the US. In other countries there are still some who mistakenly view LaRouche as a significant domestic opposition to US financial imperialism, but this estimate is obsolete. LaRouche is increasingly irrelevant, and the quality of the group's journalistic output has collapsed to grotesque levels.

Accordingly, I suggest that we forget about LaRouche and see what can be done for Latvia.

Do you have any good books, articles, or web sites on the Latvian crisis? I should think there is no time to lose.

Webster Tarpley"

What's even more embarrassing than the Obama-Hitler drivel are the Newletters / URGENT! Press Releases / Comminiques put out by the "LaRouchePAC2012" consisting of five full pages of nothing but :



With NO research and no factual basis behind any of the outlandish assertions and demands for immediate impeachment proceedings, things I fully knew to be both wrong - which turned out to be not only wrong and demonstratbly false, but incredibly shallow sensationalism - by my extreme good fortune, this happend also to be my first direct contact with LaRaouchian literature, affording me potentially a lucky escape from the vortex!

However, it seems that even up to the present time, like Scientology, the rump LaRoche organisation, the remnant is running Controlled Opposition campaigns against itself in-camera.


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