Friday, 21 February 2014

Modified Limited Hangout: The Bogus Whistleblower's Shibboleth

"I would say, really, we're looking to expose....Governments. And hold them to account."
Julian Assange,
Page One - One Year Inside the New York Times, 

Assange, Manning, Snowden.... All of these guys say the same thing "The US Government has gone too far (for reasons left unspecified) - I will use the power of free information and the Internet to hold corrupt governments who abuse their power to account in the court of world opinion!"

Really. Is that right. Then I have a handy little Shibboleth for the next phoney whistleblower they try and foist on us to spin us a load of crap.

Show us all the classified material you have on the Smolensk Air Disaster, April 10th 2010, the one that killed President Kaczyński, his entire government, and half the Polish Army General staff.

And after that, we can talk about NMD missile deployment East of the Alps, the Islamic Renaissance in Tartarstan and other Russian Republics and the Brezynski Doctrine.

You want to expose abuses of power by authoritarian governments....? Step on up.

Mr. Putin will see you now....

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