Friday, 24 May 2013

Woolwich: Gimme a f**king break....

This is TERRIBLE.... His head's the wrong size!!

Who did they kill, Clive of India??

This is said to have "all the Hallmarks of al-Qaeda".

It does. It's completely fictional.

It also has all the hallmarks of a catastrophic, catalysing event.

(Like a New Pearl Harbour) 

This isn't a real note.

Who prepared this?


  1. Until you provide any evidence to back up your claims (not real note) and actually explain things (head size?) your views will not mean anything. Just the asinine rambling of a conspiracy theorist nut. Everything's a government conspiracy to you isn't it? Where the devastated family giving heat fealth and tearful comments just very good actors? Are you a conspiracy theory? You must be, it's hard to believe anybody could be so unbelievably stupid! So perhaps you're a Government conspiracy theory to lower the credibility of conspiracy theories so nobody believes them. What you're saying is complete crap, completely unsourced, clearly not true and mostly doesn't even make sense!

    1. Jane Doe.

      Subtle, Spook.

    2. Spook?

      Why am I not surprised you decided not to pay attention to what I said & post something irrelevant? Because you can't say anything! You know I am right and that everything you've said is complete bollocks!

    3. If you and the people you work for are going to go around advancing batshit crazy conspiracy theories like "Muslims did this in the name of Islam", which make so sense and don't fit the facts, then you had better bring some evidence with when you try.

      So far, you have supplied none.

      The burden of proof does no lie with me to prove to you or anybody else that this is not true.

      You need to prove that your Conspiracy Theory is true, with evidence.

      And you cannot.

    4. What are you talking about? I HAVE provided you with evidence and you ignored it. The evidence is all over the news!

      Whereas YOU have provided NO evidence for your crackpot theory. Typical that yet again you ignore what I said and just throw it back at me because you CANNOT prove what you're saying.

    5. I don't have to prove what I am saying, that's not how this works.

      That's not how it is with criminal law, that's not how it is with science.

      You have to prove your conspiracy theory is true with positive, verifiable and testable evidence that this took place, and you cannot.

    6. Yes you do have to prove it. You have provided no evidence at all that the shit you're posting has any truth behind it.

      You keep telling me that what I believe is wrong, yet I have never stated what I believe.

      Typical, you cannot prove what you're saying, you know what you're saying is bullshit so when you're called on it you deflect.

      Anybody who enjoys consporacy theories that comes on here to read this will see your article and see that it is a very poorly contructed piece full of mistakes and is not accurate. You also contradict yourself. Then they will see your comments and realise you're not worth the time and that nothing you say is worth anything. Such things as claiming (without evidence as is your norm) that I am an agent just because I called on on your completely fabriacted story.

      Where all the other people that disagreed with you, told you you're speaking complete bollocks and pointed out your laughable "reasons" why this is street theatre (Grammar & spelling! LOL), where all of them agents also?

      You truly are a petty little person with nothing better to do.

  2. Paul - They have hacked my place so I cannot post anymore. I get what you mean. Why should we give them evidence anymore - let them show us the evidence that disproves our observations before they get the chance to have Their versions plastered all across the media as if they are the incontrovertible truth. Carol