Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Tia Sharp Trial: Day 2

The last time anyone saw Tia Sharp was at mid-day on the tenth anniversary of the Soham Double-Event Murder - multiple witnesses, including the next door neighbour saw her leaving her grandmother's house, replying "Yeah, yeah, yeah" to Stuart Hazell's verbal request that she try to be back home for 6pm.

That next door neighbour is currently on bail, having been charged on suspicion of aiding an offender (with exculpatory evidence, presumably).

"A pathologist who examined the body, as well as the photograph, said marks on Tia's body suggested she had been moved after she died, and "posed" into the position seen in the photograph, Mr Edis said."

Why would he bring her back to the house after she was dead and take non-sexual pictures of her corpse on his bed solely for the purpose of fitting himself up with inciminating evidence?

"He told the jury: "The prosecution case is that Stuart Hazell had a sexual attraction for Tia Sharp, that there was some form of sexual assault, something of that kind, and that was the reason he killed her.""

"Some form of sexual assult"...? This all seems rather vague - can't you tell from the state of her body?

In that case, there should be DNA on her or in her - is there?

Of course there isn't.

"The court heard two memory cards were found in the house, one in the kitchen and one, hidden on top of a doorframe, which contained "extensive pornography" featuring young girls."

Who doesn't have ten times that much hidden all over the house?

"Mr Edis said internet history on Mr Hazell's phone showed searches of a website that was popular with paedophiles"

...according to the police, who siezed his computer and could have loaded anything they wanted onto it.

And again, how would they know? And why would that mean anything anyway if they're not specifically kiddie porn sites?

For instance, I may have pages in my history devoted to Landscape Gardening - and it may be the case (although I think it's rather unlikely...) that a disproportionate percentage of paedophiles are in the landscape gardening industry and visit the site for work or pleasure; you know, when they're NOT molesting children...

But that still doesn't mean anything sinister, since how could he be expected to be aware that a particular (totally legal) porn site may or may not be popular with paedophile if (as seems to be obvious), he is not, in fact, a paedophile himself.

I'm going to take a wild stab in the dark here and posit that the basis for that remark by the prosecution was some variation in the phrase "Hot, barely legal teen action" somewhere on or hidden in the code for that site and porn sites like it.

Which would be all of them.

Seriously, every single one.

"Mr Edis told the jury the loft had been inspected by police twice before Tia's body was found.

"They only found it, I am afraid, because it had started to smell," he said.

"It was quite well hidden. It has been moved up and then across within the loft space." "

Indeed. Because the police had already searched the house and the bins from top to bottom, as many as FOUR TIMES the preceeding Week, WITH sniffer dogs and hadn't found her up there. None of the neighbours noticed or complained of a smell, either, despite her decomposing corpse being left upstairs in the August heat for more than a week in the middle of a heatwave, wrapped only in taped up bin-liners.

This isn't rocket science. 

The Police didn't find her in the house and the dogs could smell her in the house because she wasn't in the house during the first four searches.

She wasn't there until the police put her there.

They moved the body, just as they had at Soham, to conceal the fact they have serial killer on the loose and about 5 completely innocent men serving time for it. 

Or worse still, a cult. Potentially a whole team of killers.

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