Wednesday, 8 November 2017

'ach qatlh bID 'oH neH Klingon

"This is a cowardly attack!"


Have you had a chance to review Worf's case history yet?


Only briefly. I must admit, I was a little shocked to find the state of Klingon neurological medicine to be so primitive.

It's a cultural bias.

When I contacted the Klingon Medical Division, they informed me that they usually let the patient die in a case like this.

As a result they've done almost no research on neurological trauma. 
Overdesigned. Klingon anatomy. Twenty three ribs, two livers, eight-chambered heart, double-lined neural pia mater. I've never seen so many unnecessary redundancies in one body. 

Unnecessary? The Klingons refer to it as the brak'lul.  
Almost every vital function in their bodies has a built-in redundancy in case any primary organ or system fails. 

It's a good design in theory, but in practice, all the extra organs means just that much more that can go wrong.
  Let me show you something.  
I've been experimenting with DNA based generators.

What field of study are you in, precisely? 

Metagenic research. I've already isolated the virus. 


I doubt my superiors will allow me to remain in my position. 
I'll need to find a new specialty. 
Perhaps cranial reconstruction.
I have a feeling that's about to become very popular.


We have no healers with your abilities. 


You don't understand the Klingon way, Doctor. 
To ask for assistance would make us look weak in the eyes of our enemies. 

 It could even incite rebellion

[ Which, as it transpires, was the point all along. ]

"The Congress resolution states that a provisional revolutionary government on its own — one, moreover, that will be the organ of a victorious popular insurrection [rebellion] — can secure full freedom of agitation in the election campaign and convene an assembly that will really express the will of the people. 

Is this postulate correct? 

Whoever took it into his head to dispute it would have to assert that it is possible for the tsarist government not to side with the reaction, that it is capable of being neutral during the elections, that it will see to it that the will of the people is really expressed. 

Such assertions are so absurd that no one would venture to defend them openly; but they are being surreptitiously smuggled in under liberal colours, by our liberationists. 

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Two Tactics of Social-Democracy in the Democratic Revolution


(A klaxon sounds.)
MARAB: What is it?
K'VAGH: Krell's ships are here.
ARCHER: Keep working. Archer to Enterprise. Tell the Klingons we have the cure. Enterprise, respond!
KRELL [OC]: This is Fleet Admiral Krell. 
[Klingon Bridge]
KRELL: I'm under orders to eradicate this colony. 
ARCHER: You don't have to do that. My doctor can stop the plague. 
[Klingon Bridge]
KRELL: I have a more effective solution. 
PHLOX: Hello, Admiral Krell. This is Doctor Phlox. I am transmitting the details of an antivirus. Feel free to have your physicians confirm my findings, and you're welcome to call with any questions.
KRELL [OC]: My orders are clear. 

ARCHER: How much longer?

As I said, in another few hours.

Can you speed that up a little? Phlox, I've got an idea. 

If we want to get out of here in one piece, we've got to get that cure, and we're got to get it fast.

I could finish the antivirus in less time if I had a human host to replicate enough antibodies.

ARCHER: I don't see any other humans around.

Captain, I would have to expose you to the plague. I cannot predict what it might do to you.

Will it give you the cure?


Let's get started.

What do you intend to do?

This virus may be our best weapon against Krell. 
Ready when you are.

(Phlox straps him into the chair.)

In addition to the virus, I'm injecting you with a metabolic catalyst to accelerate your immune response. 

It won't be pleasant. 

(Archer is writhing in pain.)

We have a plan to defuse this situation, but we'll need a few more minutes to carry it out. 
I'd appreciate it if you could keep the ceiling from caving in on us until then.

T'POL [OC]: 

It's working.

(Archer starts to grow forehead ridges

(Archer is breaking his restrains, so K'Vagh holds him.)
It's done! Hold him!

(He takes blood from Archer.)


We've got it. Is the canister ready?


It's set to disperse five seconds after transport.


Send it. Open a channel to Krell.

(Antaak beams the canister away.)

Admiral Krell. Doctor Phlox again. 

By now you may have noticed the small package which we sent to your Bridge. 

What you may not know is that it contains a potent sample of the metagenic virus. 

Even as we speak it is dispersing throughout your ship, infecting you and your crew.

You're lying!

Check your internal sensors. You will find that the atmosphere contains approximately twenty parts per million of the viral strain. 

Or if you don't trust your sensors, trust your senses. 

You will feel the initial symptoms in about thirty minutes. A tightness in the chest, irregular heartbeat.

 Tingling in your cranial ridges.
This is a cowardly attack

Maybe so. But I'm prepared to give you the cure. 
Thanks to Captain Archer, I've managed to complete the antivirus. 

Of course, if you destroy this colony, well, treating you and your crew could prove difficult. I suggest you power down your weapons, Admiral, and let me cure your people. 

Captain's Starlog, supplemental. Admiral Krell has convinced the High Council to call off their sterilisation programme. They've promised to distribute Phlox's cure throughout the Empire. 
PHLOX: There's no trace of the virus in your bloodstream.
(Antaak touches his smooth forehead.)
ANTAAK: My targ won't even recognise me.
PHLOX: In the future, it may be possible to reverse the cosmetic effects.
ANTAAK: I suppose this is what I deserve. Millions of my people will have to live with this disfigurement. It'll be passed on to our children. Life won't be easy for us.
PHLOX: You did your best to correct your mistakes. That's all we can ask of ourselves.
ANTAAK: I doubt my superiors will allow me to remain in my position. I'll need to find a new specialty. Perhaps cranial reconstruction.
PHLOX: I have a feeling that's about to become very popular.
(T'Pol and Captain Hernandez enter, and go to Archer's biobed.)
ANTAAK: I'm grateful for everything that you've done.
T'POL: How are you feeling?
(Archer has slight cranial ridges.)
ARCHER: Not too bad aside, from some strange cravings. A plate full of live gagh sounds pretty good right now.
PHLOX: The cravings should disappear in a day or so, along with your ridges.
TUCKER: No, I'd keep them if I were you, Captain. It makes you look intimidating.
ERIKA: I should be get back on the road.
ARCHER: One of us needs to get some exploring done. Thanks for your help.
ERIKA: I don't know how you survived all these years without me. 

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