Monday, 12 May 2014

JFK50: Lemnitzer Did It

In marking the recent passing of our brother and friend John Judge, we lost the last of the first generation of researchers who didn't say "The CIA did it";

John Judge ALWAYS said, and always maintained, with the goods to back it up, "The Joint Chiefs of Staff did it", and he was, and is, absolutely right...

CIA ran the cover-up; the evidence everyone THINKS is there directly implicating CIA in the actual really *isn't* there, when you really look at it objectively; but the ONI is all over Oswald and his associates like a rash.

Prior to 1967, no-one had even thought to blame CIA, certainly not Mark Lane of Army Intelligence - the "CIA Did It" meme began initially from a crucial misstep made by Jim Garrison (who was constantly being fed disinformation) in his prosecution of Clay Shaw...

Clay Shaw WAS indeed a contract agent of the CIA, and received regular debriefings from them, just like thousands of other American businessmen on their return from business trips overseas.

But that isn't who Clay Shaw REALLY was - that was just a bit of moonlighting.

Clay Shaw was primarily an agent of NATO Intelligence under Lyman Lemnitzer establishing GLADIO from '62 onwards using Fascist financing laundered through Swiss Banks to PERMINDEX - the same NATO Intelligence WetWorks function that failed to kill DeGaulle about half a dozen times and then orchestrated the French meltdown of May 1968 

(an early instance of the "People Power" Colour Revolution - you can always spot them a mile away by their total absence of any demands or program...)

One of the earliest concrete leads about at last some the teams of shooters in Dealey Plaza was that they were Corsican Hitmen subcontracted from Union Corse out of Marseilles - the French Connection. Even the liar Howard Hunt alludes to this.

If they were indeed Corsican professional assassins operating on a work-for-hire basis, recruited and organised out of (according to some reports), the US Embassy in Rome, it stands to reason that this is NATO Intelligence, co-ordinated by Shaw (who then fled to live in Italy and didn't return for over 3 years), and it stands to reason that NATO SACUER General L.Lyman Lemnitzer was the mastermind, not CIA.

One person who WAS fired by Kennedy, demoted by him and was FURIOUS about it was Lyman Lemnitzer.

Who HATED Kennedy.

To a soldier with an ego the size his was, getting replaced as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and demoted down to be Supreme Allied Commander (Europe) was about gross a personal insult as could be conceived...

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  1. The most important piece of the Lemnitzer connections is that he was a Mason. That tied him to Murchison, Hoover, Banister, and George Mandel.

    Southern Masons hate JFK, that set off the JFK was a Communist. Southern Masoo Clint Murchison controlled Joe McCarthy. Hoover followed Murchsions lead on Communism.

    General Walkers connections in Dallas were JFK hating Masons.

    Curtis LeMay was a Mason and hated JFK more than Lemitizer. Ferenc Nagy moved to Dallas to hook up with the Dallas Masons.